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  1. Hi folks, My own fault for forgetting to lock drivers door but my Land Rover got done over last night. Stolen (to my knowledge) might be more but it's a bit of a muddle in there. Sthil ms441 25" bar. Sthil 036 18" bar. (Very rough looking with qva scratched into it. Sthil style Chinese copy long pole saw, was crap but it was still mine Various other bits like splitting axe, tow rope etc etc. Stolen from Bridgwater area last night after 9pm before 8am. Please pm if any info, I'm desperate. Small reward offered. Thanks.
  2. I'm no expert. In fact I've never even seen one in the flesh. But is he doing it wrong?? The excess material that he's having to hook out the way as he unrolls it looks to me as if he'd laid the material wrong????
  3. Site I found on net said $200 but no idea in uk. I'm gonna try making one.
  4. There are a few about, one on eBay at the mo for asking £12,000 on an 08 plate. To dear compared to £19k for brand new
  5. Qvatrees

    Transit price?

    Sorry, my mistake !!!! Read it wrong
  6. Thanks, not exactly what I wanted to hear but at least I know!!!! I have found out that there was a limited edition that claimed 200bhp called the "invincible 200" ( clever that ) but that was just a piggy back chip that's available as aftermarket jobby so I might go down that route. :)
  7. Qvatrees

    Transit price?

    Sell it. It's not a tipper and it's got more miles on it than you are comfortable with. You could keep it because it might be reliable, but then again it might explode tomorrow. Like wise there's no guarantee that a newer one wouldn't either but you can expect a decent bit of warranty on something from a garage and a newer well kept smart van will always be a credit to your buisness.
  8. Correct, will need to speak to Toyota again and see what the crack is. Might be convinced to wait if "my" hilux isn't the full 3 ton. 2015 Toyota Hilux - Release, engine specs, price, upgrades
  9. I'm really Loving this, my mind has wondered to keeping my old 110 to just putting a flat bed/chip box on with a built in roller system. Much easier and cheaper than a tipper. Hell of a lot lighter aswell which is always a consideration with land rovers
  10. I think they sold out and have been for a while, I did a Google search but I'll try eBay. Failing that an afternoon in the workshop should be able to cut, weld, bodge something together. I really like the look of it
  11. [ame] [/ame] Good idea?? ......... Discuss
  12. It's not that i don't like its performance, I just think it could do with a bit more poke to pull the long steep hills around here. And besides, overkill is always more exciting
  13. Is it a goer then?? I gotta ring him and get it moving because I'm busy as ...... Over the next few weeks
  14. Not to my knowledge, at Toyota do you mean??


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