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  1. BEWARE If you see a wire going through a tree with yellow stripes orange markings on clamps no thicker that wire going to your house. THIS IS A FIBRE OPTIC,Could carry 4 or 12 fibre's If it has blue markings on clamps slightly thicker cable (36 fibres) These normally feed businesses if you cut these BT may try passing any money lost by the customer on to you. Poles should be marked up with yellow labels with (Fibre Optic) So take extreme care. BT also has a system were if a large copper cable is cut it measures the distance to the faults. This system was put in place a few years ago when they were getting hit by cable thefts. So the police may tip up before BT
  2. Hi Spud. My 450 stopped the other day the smaller of the Welch plugs(ali plugs) has fallen out so nothing to lose Superglued it in. Fuel primer has filled up and machine seems to be running O.K I know this should not be done as could end up with glue in the jets as well as all over my fingers. Will see how long it holds up for. Will the fuel effect the glue If or when it fails were is the best place to get a new carb. Just wanted to know if this was the only fault. Could not have done this without you and the others info on this thread. Many thanks. P.S Do you know the name of the Welsh chap who puts these in and were he lives.
  3. That would be a GPO bracket, tree fixings were quite common many years ago. However bt engineers should not be fixing to trees. They can be quite high in the tree as engineers have to get a minimum height of 5.5 meter across roads.
  4. WARNING! BT have started running fibre dropwires same size as copper cables going to houses. Some are drop tube which they blow the fibre through. Others have the fibres in the cables and have 4 and 12 fibres these can,t be connected or spliced without a machine. The clamps on these have orange markings. Another cable which has just come out is a little bit thicker than these has 36 fibres and possibly have the capacity to run a small village These have purple markings on the clamps. The poles these come off should have YELLOW LABELS with fibre optic on at just above head height. If you cut one of these it could be very expensive. So be careful out there
  5. Chainsdirect may have .058 chain
  6. bt dropwires going to the customer normally work off the first pair in the cable which is the orange/white the new cables running to the house only have 2 wires.dropwire 11 the older cable has 2 pairs orange/white being the first pair green /black second pair If you come across a 4 pair cable pair 1 orange white (dropwire 15 pair 2 red/grey pair 3 blue/brown pair 4 green/black 4 pair used if customer has more than 1 pair older wires are grey or black polarity does not matter 2 much these days


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