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  1. Yellow Fungi on large oak

    Thanks David, That's exactly what it looks like. It looks like the tree has bad reduction at some time , big rip cuts on the trunk.
  2. Yellow Fungi on large oak

    Can anyone help , I looked at a large oak today with a large yellow fungi /bract on the trunk about half way up. I would post a picture but I don't know what the url of the image is.
  3. first job with tpo's???!!! any help appreciated.

    Yep exactly what Rob says, we also work closely with our local TO and it does get you a lot of recommendations also don't be nervous about asking their advice, ours anyway is very knowledgeable and more than happy to help with any problems .
  4. Ash are late

    Me and the family spent the day at croom in Worcestershire today and all the ash still hadn't broken bud yet, never noticed it before but the lack of leaves seem to make them stand out.
  5. VT vs Distel

    I use ocean poly VT on 13 mm for my lanyard and find it works fine ,iv also used the knut and again I think this is as good as the VT , but as stihlmadasever mentioned zig zag is a great bit of kit on 11.7 rope. If you have the money this is what I would use.
  6. 200t

    That's ok thanks for the info it all helps !
  7. 200t

    Yes, I stripped the carb down and after wrestling with the removal of the accelerator piston it was scored. Don't know if the new carb has an accel pump just thought it was a direct replacement
  8. 200t

    Ok, so thanks to stubby pointing me in the right direction I traced the fault to the accelerator pump and decided to buy a new carb of the tinter net. Works fine and today I dismantled two large conifers with it no probs..... the carb cost £14.00 how long do you all think it will last ???
  9. How relevant is age?

    i did my tickets at 43 came out of the forces and just booked onto the courses. Started working for a few local arborists to learn the trade, these guys were over 40 and showed me loads. Now running my own set up and if big stuff comes in I just get a subcontract climber in to help out. First year though I did ache every day though:001_smile: Go for it that's what I say.
  10. 200t

    yep that's them ...any good ?
  11. 200t

    I don't think they are they look different on the images on tinternet.. looks like you can buy a new carb 200t on ebay for about 20 quid don't know what they would be like though.
  12. 200t

    Yeah so do I , iv spent all day rebuilding it to still have the same fault.. iv got the new 201 and yes its a good saw but well you know the 200 is just great !
  13. 200t

    Thanks Stubby I will have a look into this
  14. 200t

    No checked the impulse line and getting good compression even changed the fuel cap o ring ....
  15. 200t

    Ok, I have just referb my old 200t total strip down and rebuild . The reason for this is it has developed a running fault, runs lumpy until you blip the throttle then at full revs runs fine come off the throttle and it bogs down, few more revs then its ok again. I found the crank case seals leaking so replaced these , the local stihl supplier set up the carb and it ran sweet every time I used it until it sat unused for about 2weeks. Yep started first time then same fault. It seems to get better after it has been running for about 20 mins ?? Can any one has any one had a similar fault ,or can some one suggest anything. Thanks for reading .


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