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  1. Hi all, We’ve hired a grinder in for years so tried a few, but we’ve just bought our first one an FSI B22. It’s the narrow access one with the powered wheels. Got so say we’ve been really impressed with it so far. Only had one issue to date, a small grub screw that pinches the throttle cable must have vibrated out. Guess it’s a common thing as it’s one of the few replacement parts listed on Spectrums site. like I say, only had it about 3 months but done some pretty big stuff and it’s coped well. Perfect machine size for us as it drives straight up the ramps into our tipper and suits Sheffield’s tight access gardens well.
  2. Hi all, We felled a good sized Ash tree today in Cromford, Derbyshire. The majority of the timber will go for firewood of course, but I thought I’d see if anyone was interested in the main stem first. I’ve attached a few pictures of it. Aside from the nail in the felling cut it’s nice and clean. 800mm diameter at the butt, 5m along the stem it’s 600mm diameter. Felled away from a main road (which conveniently is closed at the minute due to a landslide a few miles up the road) so the stem would need to be lifted over a hedgerow. Of course we can cut it into whatever sized pieces are required. It’s not a problem if no one is interested, we do have an Alaskan Mill so we could always mill the first section and process the rest. Feel free to give Sam a call on 07793064684 if you want any more info.
  3. Nice one, thanks guys. They both look much better than the tables I have already. I guess because the unit is pretty accurate, the setting makes a big difference. Testing some dry Silver Birch logs for example, it makes a difference of nearly 20% moisture reading on the 2 different settings listed for Birch. Thanks again fellas. Sam
  4. Hi guys, just looking for a bit of advice with our newly acquired Protimer Timbermaster. We bought it second hand, so it just came with the cable and unit, no instructions. The problem were having is finding any information on which of the A-J settings to use for checking UK species of timber, Hawthorne etc... Ive found a chart online, but its for American species predominantly and is giving us some crazy readings! Any help much appreciated. Sam


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