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  1. what mini loader

  2. Plotting in CAD

    if you loose the command line again it is just Ctrl+9 to get it back.
  3. Plotting in CAD

    Assuming it works the same way as standard Autocad just plot as 'DWG to pdf' and set the page size to A0 then it will look as it does on the screen. Another way is to set the line weight for the text to 0.0mm but it is more of a ball ache to do unless you have all the text as the same layer where you can use qselect to select all the text at once.
  4. Is there anywhere in Aberdeenshire (ideally south) or Angus for doing cs30/31?
  5. Gutless navara

    Ah not so good with them, what mileage has it and has it had the mod done to stop the engine throwing its guts all over the road? I would recommend getting on the Navara.net forum and asking there. Whole wealth of knowledge there and someone will have a good idea what is causing it.
  6. Gutless navara

    When you say 05 is it the last of the D22 or first of the D40 as that can make I difference to finding the problem. If a D40 as said before first thing is to change the fuel filter but don't use a cheap one they can cause problems, if that does not solve it clean the EGR valve and blank, blanking plates can be had off ebay for a few quid. You need to clean the valve before blanking it.
  7. Oregon Supersaw chain oil

    The second screenshot is from a lawn company not rye oils ltd. I see rye oils selling at £43+ 16.73 postage
  8. Deer cull

    Have a look here for recipes, Venison Prosciutto ... I started this with a roe buck haunch shot October last year, currently hanging covered in wax in a cupboard for Christmas, think there is some other ham recipes there as well. I have also done bresaola with a whole roe back loin, ready quicker and very nice.
  9. Load of logs as Christmas present.

    I am delivering a truck full of logs to a friend this evening as a housewarming housewarming present


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