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  1. 3 to 4 newton meters which in old language is 26.5 to 35.4 pounds per square inch
  2. I have michelin agilis alpin winter tyres on my transit great tyres,wont tear a lawn up if your careful my transit is a awd.
  3. I have an old on which I got off ebay has a 5hp honda it takes the biggest strimer cord you can get.Its the best thing I own long grass ,weeds, nettles all down at walking pace .Eye protection is a must and use anti vibe gloves.Far better than a strimmer with a blade.People do give me a funny look if i turn up with it but soon run for cover once I start it,can do a whole day strimming without changing the cord.
  4. Hi I have one on the back of my land rover forward control I made supports going to the chassis and a bracket for my hi lift jack to stabilise for heavy jobs,mine has a winch on the upright and the top arm folds out and the hook is on the cable.Best i lifted was a six pot cargo engine lifted ok but dont stop mid lift.Handles ton bag of logs no problem.You end up liftting everything in with it motorbikes,mixers,wackerplates
  5. Both my van and 110 defender have windows and i used to go through as a car but when I registered them I now have to pay for a light commercial .I know its not a lot more but it does piss me off. When you register your vehicle you can check on the website your crossings a couple of times it has only got me going on way.
  6. If you have personal breakdown cover and not bussiness cover then get magnetic signs as it will not cover signwritten vans.
  7. I know its sad last time we went away to a cottage in the winter I did take my own logs.
  8. toolbagted


    Many rabbits were lost in the floods last year drowning in their burrows.Some we shoot have a scaring around the face and these are rabbits which have overcome mixcy needless to say these are left for the fox. If you do get some rabbits try the river cottage recipe for rabbit madras


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