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    Avant 420?

    Hei Here is some pictures of my Avant 420 that i bought. I am very satisfied with the Avant. I use it for everything and save my back a lot.
  2. Is it this book? [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Chainsaw-Lumbermaking-Will-Malloff/dp/1626548447]Chainsaw Lumbermaking: Will Malloff: 9781626548442: Amazon.com: Books@@AMEPARAM@@http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/516B2RodTfL.@@AMEPARAM@@516B2RodTfL[/ame]
  3. Hello Is there anyone that have bought a remote throttle to chainsaw or build one? I can not fint anything on the internett, and only way to get one is to make a remote throttle myself.. Here is a picture of what i am thinking of.
  4. The problem with the stumpgrinder is that you need enough hydraulic flow, on my Avant 420 i need a engine to run it becouse of there is nor enough flow. Well..i just have to look on the internett until i find what i am looking for
  5. This looks nice,but i dont i have the mechanical skills or time to build this I rather buy a new one I find to companys in Europe that makes a stumpgrinder for miniloader, Fsi and Laski. Laski is a stumpgrinder with engine, but there is no turning from side to side of the grinder wheel, and than you have to use the miniloader itself to move/turn the grinder wheel from side to side, and i dont think that is a god, easy or effective solution. Fsi makes a hydraulic driven stumpgrinder that have turning from side to side on the grinding wheel, but i think with my Avant 420 its to low hydraulic fluid pr min to get enough power on the grinding wheel. It think if i have already the Avant 420 it would cheaper and easier to have a stumpgrinder that i can attach to the avant, but i dont find anything else than in the US.....
  6. Is there a company in Europe that are making stumpgrinder with its own engine for running the stumpgrinder for miniloaders? I have found out that a company in US are making that one in the attached picture; Branch Manager Attachement. Same company that make the Mini log grapple that are very popular in US.. In Europe i have found Laski and FSI, but they are not what i am looking for. I need a stumpgrinder with its own engine and that you can rotate the stumpgrinding wheel from side to side, like on a ordenary stumpgrinder. Here is also a video: [ame] [/ame]
  7. Daggi

    Avant 420?

    Well, i ended up with a brand New Avant 420 due to the 520 was to heavy for pulling after my car on a trailer... The seller gave me the wrong weight for the 520, over 250 kg more than expected. But im very happy With the 420 With all the accessories. So i hope it will work good on the workingsites
  8. Daggi

    Avant 420?

    Okey, so then i finally bought one Avant 520. I bought a used Avant 520, 120 hours, with Lx cab, and traffic lights and all the accessories that you can have on the Avant. The former owner had used it 90% of the time for snowplowing for customers, but he needed a faster Avant for driving to the customer so he bought a 600 series Avant. So no i need to buy a log grappler or some kind of silage fork and then i am ready to use it. It comes with turf tyres, so i think i have to buy tyres with industrial or tractor tyres , but will test out the turf tyres, but i guess i will have some problems becouse the ground here is always wet, and always some rain in the air... I just hope it will work out the way i was thinking of, that it is easy to use on different task of jobs, espec at tree-removal jobs... I hope i will ot get dissepointed... I think it is hard to know what to buy for my business, its a lot of money, so i just hope that this will bee a good deal!!
  9. Daggi

    Avant 420?

    Thanx for the feedback and pictures, i see that a Avant will bee a great tool for my jobs around my area, it will bee some months before i buy the Avant so maybe i have some further question later
  10. Daggi

    Avant 420?

    Josharb87: Picture no 2 you posted, is that the Avant`s Silage grab? If so, thats the one i am thinking of buying. Is it only closing so the "teeths" on the upper jaw meet the spikes on the under jaw? If you understand what i am trying to explain? If so, than there will bee a gap of maybe 20 cm(?), will this bee a problem when moving just a few small branches, you can not hold the branches in a firm grip and they will fall out? Or do the upper jaw go further down? The avant i tried has combi tires, not sure about the name, but i am going to buy with tractor tires pattern, i guess i will than have even better grip on the surface, especially on wet ground, but will this pattern make more destruction on the ground?
  11. Daggi

    Avant 420?

    Okey That is a silage fork? How is it on branches?? Dig-dug-dan: Im from Norway so to far away
  12. Daggi

    Avant 420?

    I was thinking about buying this pallet forks with log grappler, but i think i will have problems moving branches and waste like smaller logs etc, Or im i wrong? And the next attachement i was looking at with the Avant dealer was the silage fork. I also see that there will be a problem when you can not close it all the way because of the internal spikes, but if its possible only to cut of the length of the spikes and you can close the grab even more, than maybe i should have a look at the silage fork again. Will the hydraulic cylinder to the silage fork have enough length to close the silage fork even more if you cut of the length of the spikes? And is there anyone who have a idea of how the 420 will bee to use if i put a timber crane(that has been on a Vahva Jussi timber wagon for ATV),approx 100 kg, to the back of the Avant? I see that the metal-plate where you attach the extra weigth is thick and it should be no problem mounting it on the back of the Avant, i guess? With 100 kg of extra weigth on the back i guess i should always have some extra weight in the front for compensating.
  13. Daggi

    Avant 420?

    Im not sure, but on ther homesite it says that it can not be used on a 420, i dont know why, but it is 200 kg weight so it is taking a lot of the wight the 420 can lift so the lifting capacity will be reduced.. I see that they also sell attchment plates that fit to the the avant so you can just weld the plate to any attachement you have.
  14. Daggi

    Avant 420?

    Hei Thanx for the feedback and picture. I have now had a Avant 420 for tesing during a weekend and i think this is the machine i should choose. But what attachement should i choose for removing of logs and branches from worksite? I see that they have a log grab, but that is only for 520 and up.. I have also been looking at the silage fork, but the "jaw" is not closing all the way down for putting pressure on the branches when driving. It seems that it will work good if you have a big pile of branches, but if you are gooing to move just a small amount of branches you will not get a good grip on the branches.. Is this correct or wrong? What type of attachement will you recommend?


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