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  1. Gadwiltshire

    Free mixed timber

    Hi I'll take it mate. Call or tx on 07715531152. Cheers gad
  2. Gadwiltshire

    Free mixed timber

    Hi nick. I maybe too far. Send me a quote if you haven't shifted it yet. Many thanks Gad
  3. Gadwiltshire

    Free mixed timber

    Have you shifted it yet. Tried to p.m but inbox full. Cheers
  4. Gadwiltshire

    Freelance climber wanted nr devizes

    Hi all. Need a freelance climber for the Tuesday 20th October. Must have own equipment. P.m if interested. Thanks Gad
  5. Gadwiltshire

    best herbicide for wild flower areas

    Grazon 90 would be best
  6. Gadwiltshire

    gear stolen Warminster

    Yes I was in bed neighbours heard noise about 3am but never thought anything of it. Yes it's all insured I took out a new policy with Trust insurance last month and there service today has been faultless. So going security shopping tomorrow turn my place into fort knox!!!
  7. Gadwiltshire

    gear stolen Warminster

    Hi all got cleared out last night smashed windows in my van but nothing in there so then smashed there way into the shed right below my bedroom window. Took FS 55 x2 BR 400 MS211 MS 441 MS 362 and FS 400. Keep your eyes and ears open there seems to be a few breakins in this area at the moment.
  8. Gadwiltshire

    Best mower with high lift box

    Ok thanks for all the advice. Will go and demo a few I do like the Etesia but it is a lot more more expensive than the iveki. What is an iveki like for cutting in the wet.
  9. Gadwiltshire

    Best mower with high lift box

    Hi Guys This is my first post on here would like to know what you think is the best commercial mower with a high lift box. Max budget is 12k. Any opinions? Cheers!


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