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  1. The Wee Chipper Club

    that's true but there are a lot of guys and girls on here who don't do trees full time or are only looking at doing small to medium jobs and these machines make it possible to have a chipper and compete with full time tree gangs! I did which for me is a big job 2 50ft 1 40 ft and 7 other 20-30 conifers fells and and a 30ft maple and other shrubs we had to climb the bigger 3 we always knew the trees would be down but never thought we would have a chance to finish the chipping with the machine i own (titan beaver ) to my shock and Amazement ! the chipping was finished about an hour after we finished the fells really thought we would be coming back to chip a massive pile the next day ! the machine worked all day and and i spent £15 in fuel for it
  2. The Wee Chipper Club

    that's slow .... my titan beaver is so much faster than that!
  3. Time scale for fencing

    if you can get that then great ! there are too many variable is it a just putting a fence up? or do you have to remove a old one ? are you removing an old hedge ? if it is just putting up fencing for 1 -3 panels that price is fine but trying that price out at 10- 20 panels will be pretty expensive for say wane lap fencing when materials cost 60-70 quid per panel ( depending on choice of panel)charging £1500 for 10 panels that I would do in a day on my own would mean i took £ 800 quid home for a days work is a bit steep but most of the time you don't just put the fence up ! too many variables
  4. Artificial grass:can it be repaired?

    Can artificial grass be repaired? seems it can be repaired
  5. Small dia. chainsaw logging frame???

    I too made one from scrap wood ! one of the best and cheapest things with a great benefit !
  6. Small dia. chainsaw logging frame???

    that's an accident waiting to happen !!! [ame= ] [/ame]much safer to use one of these ! stack all you small stuff on it first then put a larger one on top so it doesn't bounce the saw about once you start cutting or you can put a couple of bungee straps to hold it tight together !
  7. Gobsmacked

    it might be my eyes but it looks like he's not even tied in
  8. 211 notice

    a friend of mine put a notice on a tree in a property he owns and the 6 weeks ended on the 22nd of April but in the notice he said it was an Oak but from the pictures i have seen it's an ash !(but it is the only tree in the property I believe ) does this make the 211 notice void and he has to put in another one in or is it just a case of phoning LPA
  9. Shrub growing in hedgerow

  10. Work guarantee

    I might put the panels back in if they had blown out and do small repairs but no way would I be replacing panels that a storm had blown out !
  11. Work guarantee

    1 day guarantee that the fence won't fall over or if something has happened that is obviously my fault . which is rare a fencing company that used to supply to me gave no guarantee for supply or fit I don't see why I would give one when they do not !
  12. The Wee Chipper Club

    postage is a bit steep!
  13. your job and if it's as bad as you say YOU will lose work based on that standard ! so your choice is lose work ( and maybe not get paid for this job) or rip it up tell him it's your job and to do it your way
  14. Youch!

    it's not really important what knot it was its the fact he didn't test his system before releasing his other life line I have tied knots incorrectly it was a blakes hitch (which i believe when you do it wrong it's called a suicide knot) but I tested it first and guess what it didn't hold me and i never fell because i hadn't released my other life line ................ Test your life line that's what that video teaches me
  15. Love thy neighbour

    is it me or is that an awful lot of saw dust for a small tree?


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