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  1. going off this way of recording hours i'm on 160 hours of use plus what ever the previous owner used which i think was 20 hours as it had original blade on it and that was ready to be turned so 180 hours for £700 quid
  2. most of us have no real way of knowing how many hours as most don't come with a clock unless your really anal and look at your watch before and after firing the chipper up and then adding it to a log book ,most of us would just be guessing but I would of thought as long as you don't have a catastrophic failure and you repaired and maintained it as you go you could get those hours easily . I've had my Chinese generic chipper for 3 years and it was second hand when i got it yes i have repaired it and modified it as well . I expect to run it for a number of years as there's not alot to them and the spare parts are available from a british company . even if the engine fails it's only going to cost me £300 for a new engine from them ...... not bad really as i only paid £700 for it originally off flea bay
  3. seriously ? learn to look after a saw ! either that or there's a fault on your saw and there's only 1 way to deal with a hedge reduction and thats get in it with a well maintained top handled chainsaw and cut and chuck but a picture of the hedge would help us give you better advice
  4. so there's no access at all around the house to the back garden?? have a look at going through a neighbours garden by lifting fence panels out if you can. otherwise thats going to be big numbers to remove !
  5. yeap thats an ace example of what they can do mine chips as fast as that but not on the 4 inch stuff 3inch and smaller it just as fast
  6. I don't know why you would need 2 vehicles or it taking extra time as you dont need to drag the brash out and i assume you mean the expense of the chipper ? maybe it was your set up that didn't suit the wee chipper rather than the other way round.
  7. either you don't know how to use it or you chose the wrong machine
  8. nope you should have no anchor point as the accident has happened with all the canopy cut already ! all that is left is the stem . so you have to spike up and past the casualty and set up a false anchor and then attach casualy like a normal rescue and lower
  9. the barrel drum chippers are by far the fastest until you talk about volume through the chipper and diameter of branch! then the big chipper are far better this is a cross over which is neither of the 2 and basically has no place in in the arb world
  10. it's too slow ! the wee chippers chip much faster than that pile of crap it's a nice idea but basically far to much money and slower than what is already out there
  11. I have never employed anyone for this reason! The times I have had to us young lads they don't last too long ! I Know I work them hard and they just can't keep up ,i see them right off ! one lad lately lasted one day ,and refused the offer of more work even though he had no work and is about to get married !!! The only guy I have ever thought of employing is now 55 but I just can't generate enough work for him and the rates I would have to pay him because he is that good!
  12. where the hell do you live?
  13. that's interesting ..........as i did ! it was 15 years ago though !


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