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  1. Apologies if it's already been mentioned Stefan, but I'm sure the reason your fiancé is upset is because she is concerned you have more interest in work than in your own wedding to her. No one wants to go to anything social without their other half because it's always better with them there even if it's awful. It means you can laugh together afterwards. She wanted to share the experience with you because she loves you. You didn't go which is perfectly acceptable. In fact one of the reasons she loves you is probably because of your superb work ethic. But spare a thought for how she may have felt a little awkward there especially as she would have been comparing how happy the couple appeared to yourselves and your own wedding day. She probably feels a little detached from you right now so tell her how much she means to you and how happy you will be on your wedding day. You don't have to say you were wrong because you weren't. You did what was right for you, which isn't the same as what is right for others in their relationships. But put your self in her shoes ( not literally)and let her know you understand why she is upset. Also get some sleep, it is very important when you work so hard.
  2. Hi, I'm in Northumberland looking for a few extra days work here and there. I am strong and hard working. Any tree work considered, First Aid + F CS 30,31,38,39.Diploma in Arb and Forestry. thank you, Rachel
  3. Hum I'm having trouble with this one, after I type in all my details and submit the blank page comes up with 'SMTP error, could not connect with SMTP host' if it's my laptop or internet I could pop to the library as they have newer updated computers, can anyone help, I'm needing work as my bairn actually does have no shoes :-/
  4. <p>Are you going to the Arb Show this year Daniel?</p>

  5. Don't let any opportunity pass you by because of negative presumptions! Not everything works out the way you want it too but life has a funny way of giving you a helping hand if you give it a chance!
  6. Just seen the pics of that mog you posted! Did you ask to have a peek inside? Bet it was awesome!
  7. O.K Kitten. All climbing techniques have a time and place, I want to be competent and knowledgeable in them all!
  8. I might try a swaibish then! I us it on my lanyard and it might be a good one. I use a VT and sometimes distel for the hitch climber. I started climbing last September so not incredibly experienced in trying out everything and finding my own grove quite yet!
  9. I love my hitch climber, but maybe if I had a zigzag it would be just more like a good friend. Thing is, with a lot of these mechanical ascenders , they cost more than I spend when I buy a car, which is often because I buy knackered old bangers. My views are not always the best to follow.......
  10. What didn't you like about the hitch climber? do you use a pantin/ foot acender with it? I found the hitch climber tricky until I asked someone the craic.
  11. I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life/ couldn't for loads of reasons until I was 30. It is daunting starting a career in something as vast as Arb but if you want to do it you will. Once you realize no one knows it all and everyone is still learning life long you'll fly. It's all about being positive and getting the right mind set! Arbtalk is a great place to get involved, so your on the right track!
  12. I had a cracking time with Rowan, she's way cool! Really nice to meet your family, your always welcome to drop by so just give me a shout when your about my neck of the woods!:thumbup:
  13. I had a great time, it was a totally ace weekend!


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