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  1. £550 - £150 is good money for a physical job
  2. Macca

    Which Silky?

    Flat blade means you can make a gob cut/ felling cut! Curved blade although good at cutting makes precise cuts difficult. I have gomotoro but I only use it when I don’t want to use my top handle saw (very rarely)! If your new to this u will use ur silky more but u don’t want to end up depending on it! Get a gomtaro and use it only when u need to!
  3. Or maybe your out of new ideas!
  4. Your rough calculation are rough! I aim to make 550 a day some days I make less some days I make more, some weeks I’m 3 days a week son weeks I’m 7days. I was a lead climber on 35k a year, spent 30k on kit I now earn treble that. There is plenty of nae sayers on here as with every walk in life. Set up well advertise well and this is a great career.
  5. Turnover but as a one man band occasionally using subbies. And of course I never accepted cash for 70% of my work, because that would be immoral and upset the big established company owners. My point is there is good money to be made if you have the drive. If you settle for picking up sticks and putting them into a chipper for someone else the good luck making 20k a year!
  6. Just speaking from my personal experience if you work hard enough it’s achievable. Lead climbers round here are on 35k, in my first year with van and chipper I earned 90k with a good accountant you can keep most of that. I’m not saying it’s easy but if your prepared to work your ass off then why not.
  7. Groundie and climb at the weekends until you get good enough to earn decent money. 5 years in you will easily earn 30k plus or have the balls to go it on your own and earn treble that. On the plus side there is always gonna be a need for people to cut trees! The Warehouse workforce will be robots in the not to distant future.
  8. I was with Arborisk moved to trust this year as they were cheaper and have a new for old replacement policy on all your kit. Arborisk said they would only give the depreciated value so it was a no brainier for me.
  9. Good on you[emoji1303]. I always feel much happier/positive when I train. I’ve not been at the gym in 6 months but you have inspired me to go tonight. Cheers
  10. Macca

    Tiny echo!

    They are very similar ergonomically no noticeable weight differences.
  11. Macca

    Tiny echo!

    It has more grunt than a 150, needs the Stihl chain to be at its full potential tho! Sugi chain doesn’t cut as fast. 150 bogs down on bigger stuff.


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