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    My mate said about going wild camping and walking up Snowdon. Just wondering if anyone knew of any more hidden gems up there?
  2. I'm a slim man. 30inch waist. I have a Willans harness which I have to have as tight as possible but as I climb it loosens and I look like a sumo with my harness around my pits, the seat on my back and my bollocks bruised. Anyway any small blokes got any harness recommendations?
  3. Literally just had a little climb and some limb walks? On anything tricky?
  4. I don't have a problem with the system to be honest and as previously said as it is my saw I ensure it is sharp and maintained but was just wondering about the legislation It would be nice if the company provided chains/bars and covered servicing and Wear parts however
  5. Hey, just wondering if you are employed full time should the company provide saws and if yes/no what legislation backs this up?
  6. Anybody buy themselves anything in the sales or a treat they've had their eye on and got a few quid in cards so thought they would buy it? I bought myself a Gopro hero 4 silver and a Zephyros 2 tent
  7. dsearle


    Is there an arborist union?
  8. Unfortunately I thought as much. Saw it on Sorbus and hoped I had stumbled across a gem.
  9. Anybody used this or any other Avao's seem really cheap. £140
  10. I bought some Darn tough socks. Like them so far and lifetime guarantee. About 12 quid a pair
  11. Hi. I finished college in June and during that time also worked with a local one man band. I was fortunate to get employed straight out of college with a Utility cutting firm. My question is who here has switched one way or another and although it is great for my development at the moment and I'm climbing regularly and increasing my saw handling skills but I am wondering if it is possible to really become a quality arborist in utility. We do few proper dismantles and little rigging which at some point I feel I will have to become competent in.
  12. Work supplies my fuel in the week but I was thinking about using Aspen for my weekend jobs. Is it OK to run pump fuel in the week and now and again use Aspen weekends for private work? Also is there anywhere that delivers 5 litres to your door?


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