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  1. If you are only looking for assessment then you need a NPTC test centre which you can find by clicking 'find a centre' here. If you want training then they will also know who can do it, if they don't. https://www.nptc.org.uk/qualificationschemedetail.aspx?id=551&back=qual Hope that helps. Lynher Training
  2. Hi @Eddyisok We cannot define the differences entirely but it appears that the HCC is delivered online with materials sent to you with two years to complete the qualification; whilst Treelife is classroom based over 1 year. Hence the cost difference. Its all down to how you learn; some students can just knuckle down on their own and find the time to do the work and stay motivated, whilst some like to keep it separate and face-to-face with opportunities to ask questions during the learning and bounce off other students. We offer the Level 4 Arb as a classroom based course so it is more expensive then an online course but you get that one-to-one interaction, questioning and community. All depends on your experience whether you start at Level 2 or 3. Our Level 3 Forestry and Arb qualifications take you from training about Tree ID right through to Tree Survey and Inspection. Many of our students are just starting out and don't find it over demanding. Many have then gone on to the Level 4 which has a higher level of coursework requirements; which the level 3 has prepared them for. (Think of the Level 2 as a GCSE and the Level 3 as an A'Level; however you should have one or the other before moving onto the Level 4) Hope that helps.
  3. @Kemosabe Post it in the employment section or it will quickly get lost in this one. We have had good views for our apprenticeship adverts in the employment section. Good Luck in finding yourself a good candidate.
  4. Probably easier to get the Arb Association version here: Arboricultural Association - Technical Guide 1: Tree Climbing & Aerial Rescue WWW.TREES.ORG.UK A source of publications, guidance notes and leaflets for arboriculturists. Competitively priced available to members... Especially if you are in the UK with UK rules and legislation?
  5. Best option is to do a centre search here: https://www.nptc.org.uk/qualificationschemedetail.aspx?id=552&back=qual This will show all the nptc test centres; if they don't do the training then they will know who will. Lynher Training
  6. Recommendation from the City & Guilds Forestry and Arboriculture qualification are: As taken form the City&Guilds handbook which is freely available online Arboricultural Association. 1994. A Guide to Tree Pruning. Cheltenham: Arboricultural Association. ISBN 090097821X. Arboricultural Association. 2005. Arboricultural Association Health and Safety Package. Cheltenham: Arboricultural Association. ISBN 0900978406. British Standards Association. 1966. BS 3998: Recommendations for Tree Work. British Standards Institute. ISBN 0580171701. British Standards Association. 1966. BS 3998: Recommendations for Tree Work. British Standards Institute. ISBN 0580171701. Brown, G., Kirkham, T. 2009. The Pruning of Trees, Shrubs and Conifers. Portland: Timber Press. 2004. ISBN 0881926132. Cottam, M., McKeown, L., White, C. 2006. A Guide to Good Climbing Practice. Cheltenham: Arboricultural Association. ISBN 0900978392. Donzelli, P.S., Lilly, S.J. 2001. The Art and Science of Practical Rigging. Canada: International Society of Arboriculture. Jepson, J. 2000. The Tree Climber's Companion: A Reference And Training Manual For Professional Tree Climbers. Springfield: Access Publishing Inc.. ISBN 0615112900. Mynors, C. 2010. The Law of Trees, Forests and Hedgerows. 2nd ed. London: Sweet and Maxwell. ISBN 0421590408. Shigo, A.L. 1989. Tree Pruning: A Worldwide Photo Guide. Snohomish: Shigo and Trees Associates. ISBN 0943563089 Hope that helps. Lynher Training
  7. As per comment above download the schedule, which now called a handbook, here: https://www.nptc.org.uk/assets/documents/de619c6a69ee4fdea49114d1def35a91.pdf
  8. For the H&S side - The Tree work at Heights from the AA https://www.trees.org.uk/Trees.org.uk/files/aa/aaa89992-0539-4615-9af4-32b0582a13f4.pdf
  9. NPTC now offer CPD badges for refresher training. This means you get your refresher covered with a NPTC assessor and have an official NPTC badge to confirm that you are to standard. So, yes, up skilling is the best way to go so he could also do the felling up to 760mm but, if this isn't appropriate, you can get the felling officially refreshed if required.
  10. The arborist standard is the one you need to look at. Arborist WWW.INSTITUTEFORAPPRENTICESHIPS.ORG You can find your local training providers by clicking the link on the above website. Getting signed up for the apprenticeship service is one of the first step (if you haven't employed anyone before and need to set up PAYE then this can take some time), then you can reserve your funding. At the same time get talking to your local training providers about how they run the apprenticeship and then get recruiting, which the training provider can help you with. How-to guide to the apprenticeship service here: How to register and use the apprenticeship service as an employer - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK Guidance on how to use the apprenticeship service to access funds to pay for apprenticeship training. Lynher Training
  11. If you are looking for NPTC then all the local centres will be listed when you type in your postcode in the find a centre box here: NPTC WWW.NPTC.ORG.UK NPTC Or for Lantra, do the same here: Level 2 Award in Felling and Processing Trees up to 380mm | Lantra Awards WWW.LANTRA.CO.UK For professional chainsaw operators working in forestry and arboriculture the industry recommendation is that for ’high... Sadly we are at the opposite end of the country but we do have availability in June!
  12. We have got two great apprenticeship opportunities coming up here on the Devon/Cornwall Border. An Arborist apprenticeship based in Ivybridge, just outside of Plymouth, Devon. 2 x Arborist/Forestry apprenticeships near Callington, Cornwall (Arb or forestry depending on what is right for the learner) If you are interested or know someone who is then do ask them to get in touch with us and we can let them know the details. [email protected] 01822 832232
  13. If you want to get off the tools and into an office, and have a love for paperwork, this might be for you. This role is key in the technical administration and support involving the work of the Arboriculture (Arb/tree) Inspection Team. You will be helping to shape future service delivery and processes by providing effective multi skilled resilience to the team. You will help support the Arb (Tree) Officers administratively, building packages of work, assisting with detailed applications whilst working collaboratively with the arb service team and coordinator. Corserv Careers Site EKZO.FA.EM2.ORACLECLOUD.COM Are you looking to mainly work from home? Be part of our friendly Environment Arboriculture (Arb/tree) Team -...
  14. This is the condensed Treelife version and not the full version but it is a good reference.
  15. You can buy a condensed version from Treelife here for £35 which might help. BS3998 Guide | Treelife AC Ltd | Consultancy Services | Leicestershire WWW.TREELIFEAC.CO.UK Improve your learning and understanding of tree work through better access and knowledge of the contents of a...
  16. The L4 Arb Reading List is freely available here: Level 4 Diploma in Arboriculture - Skills and Education Group Awards : Skills and Education Group Awards SKILLSANDEDUCATIONGROUPAWARDS.CO.UK This qualification has been developed in collaboration with industry, providers and Lantra for those learners working in... Just look up the L2 Arb on the site f you are looking for this one. Our L4 Award is starting in April so do let us know if you are interested. We are classroom based on the Devon/Cornwall border with a class a month for around 6-7 months. Lynher Training. [email protected] 01822 832232
  17. Have you tried someone on this list https://www.bali.org.uk/lisscscs-2019/online-rolo-course/
  18. @Tom 21 We are down on the Devon/Cornwall Border and are ELC approved. We offer a great package using the City and Guilds Level 3 Forestry and Arboriculture Qualification to get all your basics started. As an independent training provider we can schedule training into blocks so you can manage your travel and accommodation. We have candidates coming to us from all over the UK. Just get in touch if you are interested. 01822 832232. [email protected]
  19. Best Option is to go to the NPTC Schedule and click find a centre. This will bring up all the test centres in your area; if they don't do the training directly they will know who does. Good Luck! https://www.nptc.org.uk/qualificationschemedetail.aspx?id=99
  20. Arboricultural Apprentice Employer University of Exeter Location Exeter Salary The starting salary will be Apprentice grade B on £18,031 progressing to £18,139 Package Generous holiday allowances, flexible working, pension scheme. The successful candidate will join of a small team of supportive and enthusiastic arborists who are responsible for all aspects of looking after the University’s trees, both historically important as well as newly planted specimens. You will become familiar with all aspects of modern equipment and techniques developing into a highly competent and important member of the wider Grounds team. The University campuses provide an excellent learning opportunity due to the diversity of tree species and the time allowed to conduct best practice keeping the trees best interest as the driver for our activities. The work of an arborist involves diverse activities such as chainsaw work, aerial tree work, pruning, dismantling and using appropriate machinery. You will also get involved in other grounds related work. Our ideal candidate will be good with working at heights, enthusiastic, reliable, hard-working, considerate, a team player and have a willingness to learn but most of all enjoy their chosen career path and the realisation of the benefits their activities brings to the wider university population and the environment. This position does not require any initial qualification or experience of arboriculture but a keen interest in trees and their benefits is very important. As part of the selection process a tree climbing taster session will be organised by Lynher Training. Find out more details and apply: https://jobs.exeter.ac.uk/hrpr_webrecruitment/wrd/run/ETREC107GF.open?VACANCY_ID=427281WnFi&WVID=3817591jNg&LANG=USA
  21. Hi Mark, Yes we are an NPTC test centre and cover all the climbing courses. Lynher Training
  22. Current vacancy with Westcountry Rivers Trust - closing 8th August 2021 https://wrt.org.uk/about-us/job-opportunities/ Apply direct using link above.
  23. HSE state: All chainsaw operators should do regular refresher/update training to ensure they work to industry best practice and maintain their levels of competence. The suggested intervals for refresher training are: occasional users – every two to three years; full-time users – every five years. This is a suggestion. The best person to talk to is your insurer and what they expect from you so that if an incident did occur they will cover you.
  24. @Mark_G Lynher Training are down in the Tamar Valley with Chainsaw Courses running around West Devon and East Cornwall. We cover everything from Basic Chainsaw to Advanced Arb plus Tree ID, Tree Survey, L2, L3 and L4 Arb Qualifications. Do give our team a call or email if you are interested in finding out more. 01822 832232. [email protected]
  25. We are running the Level 4 Award in Arboriculture starting 30th April however ours is classroom based with an online support portal (with videos etc). Classes are in the Tamar Valley (Devon/Cornwall Border). Still time to book just call us on 01822 832232 or email [email protected]


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