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  1. Ferguson system


    I found this at a Swedish site: "Metro in Stockholm After a VERY tiring day, a female commuter sits down quietly on the seat, closing her eyes and trying to get a nap. When the train rolls out of the station, the guy sitting next to her picks up his phone, and starts talking with a loud voice. - Hello, honey, Erik here. I am on the train - Yes, yes, the clock is half past seven and not half 5, but I had a long meeting ... No, not with the blonde from the Treasury, it was the boss - No darling you are the only one in my life, yes darling, of course I swear you are the only one in my life. Fifteen minutes later, he still sits and talks loudly while he commits his love. Now the female commuter has had enough, she leans towards him and says near the phone. - Eric! Get off the phone and come back to bed, it's cold here. Eric doesn't use his mobile phone anymore."
  2. Ferguson system

    Briggs and Stratton Vanguard V Twin

    Have you tried with .65-.70?
  3. Ferguson system

    Briggs and Stratton Vanguard V Twin

    Yes, and what was it in mm?
  4. Ferguson system

    Briggs and Stratton Vanguard V Twin

    How was the gap on the old sparkplugs?
  5. Ferguson system

    Harness use in a cherry picker

    That's spot on. Mewp are required to have two connection points (can have more, depending on the carrying capacity of the machine) that you connect a lanyard to. The goal is to keep the person(s) in the basket and prevent them from being launched out of it.
  6. Ferguson system

    Smaller saw to compliment 372XPG

    I'd say go for a 50cc pro saw with a 13" or 15" bar. Lighter, less vibrations, better ergonomics, more than enough power. Use the 372 for the larger stuff.
  7. Ferguson system

    Root compaction versus path lifting, what best to do?

    The roots will naturally seek to the pathway. The roots want air and water. It's easier for them to get it at the lower end of the slope where the pathway is. Have you tried to aerate the soil around the tree? I would also have considered raising the walkway. Graded masses on top of the ground. 20-40 cm thick with 3 layers. First layer of rocks sized 4-120mm (optionally filling the air pockets with soil, before adding the second layer), second layer sized 0-30mm and the third 0-16/20mm.
  8. Ferguson system

    AGT 835 and timber trailer thoughts

    A timber trailer needs pressure and return. If you have one pressure connection then just add your own unpressurised return. Back to the transmission or hydraulic tank, depending on where your tractor takes the oil from. If it doesn't have hydraulics, a pto pump (rear pto) is most likely the easiest solution.
  9. Ferguson system

    Pole saw and small van carrying solution??

    I use a skibox/roofbox to store polesaws & pruners in + shovels and different handtools. It has a lock and the equipment is stored safely.
  10. Ferguson system

    Jotul - You should only burn hardwoods

    I was told by a chimney sweeper/firefighter. I've tried and it does work.
  11. Ferguson system

    Jotul - You should only burn hardwoods

    Softwood may not last as long as hardwood, but it burns hotter and more intense. 70% of what we use is spruce and pine, but we use what we have access to. Season the wood properly and keep the air valve on the door open so the fire gets the air it needs. Throw in wet potatoe peel from time to time, it helps prevent and remove soot buildup in the chimney. We burn 20-30 m3 of firewood each year and 70% of that is softwood.
  12. Ferguson system

    Which mini tractor?

    Kubota b7100 hst. Mine has front pto, front lift, mid pto and it lifts 500 kgs at the rear. I have added a front weight, removed the front pto for better ground clearance and bought 4 new tyres for it since that picture was taken.
  13. Ferguson system

    Micro pulley or zigzag?

    Start with a pulley and see if you like it, it's cheaper and more effective than bodythrusting with a prusik. If you decide to upgrade to a mechanical climbing device later on, you'll still find a use for the pulley. A foot ascender is also handy to have, especially when you have to climb the rope and can't get near the stem or limbs.
  14. Ferguson system

    Show us ya birds !

    I found these two when I was pruning a beech
  15. Ferguson system

    2wd Forest Tractor - Opinions

    Thank you. Yes, it is a driven trailer. Although, I've never had a need for it. The large wheels and weight transfer help a lot. I've never gotten stuck once with the two Fergies I have, not even in deep snow. What I like about 2wd tractors is that they are nimble and there's less parts that can fail. Cheaper maintenance, lower fuel consumption, less space needed to turn. With a winch on the back, you'll have most of the weight where it matters. On the rear wheels. Same thing with a trailer if it is balanced right. Weight goes to the rear wheels on the tractor. Traction is not a problem if the tractor has good tyres and chains when needed.


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