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  1. Ms661 or husky 395 for Milling.

    I am aware of that, thank you for the concern.
  2. Ms661 or husky 395 for Milling.

    Congrats! That is a beast . I am currently waiting for my own beast, ms 660 with big bore kit
  3. Ms661 or husky 395 for Milling.

    I would have gone with the Husky, mainly because you have more options when it comes to bars. HVA 395 and 3120 xp has the same bar mount.
  4. Preferred 18" bar saw for forestry

    Jonsered 2172 or husqvarna 372 8pin with 16" or 18", 3/8"
  5. Small pro saw

    I can recommend the Jonsered cs 2252 (alternatively Husky 545). Low vibrations, good ergonomics and very well balanced with a 13" or 15" bar.
  6. Small pro saw

    The hot starting issue with the 550 is in many cases related to operator error. When the saw is hot, the chocke needs to be pulled up and clicked down (actives high idle), pull until it starts.
  7. Sewn eye or Double figure 8?

    Yes, that is true, but it can also be used as a termination knot. Take a look here: [ame] [/ame]
  8. Sewn eye or Double figure 8?

    The outer sheath of a rope used for tree climbing should be made out of polyester and be Certified to CE EN 1891 like stated above. When it comes to knots, you can use a double figure 8, double fishermans knot or the anchor knot. @daltontrees , when using a rope without a spliced eye, then you can still use a cambium saver as long it is a sleeve style.
  9. Show your tractors

    The engine has been overhauled. It has the original block, but with a larger bore and carb. 87 mm cylinder liners and pistons. Zenith 28g carb. A standard fergie engine has 80mm or 85mm bore with a zenith 24g carb.
  10. Show your tractors

    Short clip of my grey fergie. [ame] [/ame]
  11. Interesting Tree failure - girdling roots?

    Girdling roots seems like a very likely candidate for having caused the failure. My guess is that the tree was planted too deep as well.
  12. Tips needed for starting 560 in hot weather

    +1. Works every time.
  13. What top handle saw?

    I had a good laugh when I saw the Husqy commercial in ISA Arborist news a while back. "STILL Frustrated? Get The Husqvarna T536LI XP" STILL in bold letters and Stihl orange.
  14. Sweden

    It is not mandatory, but recommended and most use Aspen or other brands of alkylate petrol.
  15. Leaves/stomata

    Carbon dioxide is absorbed by the stomata and oxygen and water is let out of the stomata


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