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    <p>Hey Luke! It's Pascal. </p>

    <p>I'll ask the company if they need another climber</p>

    <p>The name of it is: Specialised tree lopping.....i know it sounds kinda ***** but it's an alright company that does some decent pruning & removals</p>


  2. SuperPowerPatty

    SRT Rope & Compatible Hitch Cord, Help

    I use a tachyon and a 8mm liros runner really enjoy it. Have tried it with a 8mm Teufelberger ocean but it grabs too hard i think
  3. SuperPowerPatty

    Work in Perth Australia

    Just got to Perth today! I have a testday tomorrow at a company. I could ask if they are seeking another climber as well.
  4. SuperPowerPatty

    Retrievable rigging sling

    [ame] [/ame]Around 2:45 he shows how it can be retrieved
  5. SuperPowerPatty

    SRT retrievable redirect

    After a philosophy session i had during my internship at the amsterdam councill i came up with this idea. It's kind of a hybrid ropeguide with a carabiner instead of the pulley. i tried it out on the ground and seems to be working like a charm, going to try it out this weekend up the tree
  6. SuperPowerPatty

    SRT retrievable redirect

    i agree, it's expensive, only works in certain situations. But it's just another trick in the bag. And it looks cool:001_cool:
  7. SuperPowerPatty

    New Stuff

    The imp looks nice! but couldn't you do the same thing with a dmm ring, a bit of throwline and a small carabiner?
  8. 1,7 mm 2-strand rope. That's where it's at!
  9. SuperPowerPatty

    srt crown or base

    i prefer crown anchor, less damage and weight on the branch. Also less strench in the rope because it's only half the lenght compared to the base anchor.
  10. SuperPowerPatty

    catapult comparison.

    I've got a bigshot myself, love it. Wrapped mine bright green. Haven't used the stein one, but i secon it's about the same kind of performance. Richard mumford did a video about it [ame] [/ame]
  11. SuperPowerPatty

    selfbuild sawmill

    It sure is!
  12. SuperPowerPatty

    selfbuild sawmill

    hello everybody, After a lot of looking on the milling forum i've finally started milling myself. i asked my stepdad, who is a welder, to make me one. And look at his creation. i tried it out on some old connie timber, worked like a charm. made a chair just for the hack of it. not a pro, but i did enjoy it a lot! Pascal
  13. hey steve, As a dutchman myself i could tell you everything you'd like to know about tree surgery in the Netherlands. Tree surgeons are in demand, but some companies want tree surgeons that have the ETW(european tree worker) certificate. As said before, go on treehugs and ask the question there. Pascal
  14. SuperPowerPatty

    Stihl MS362 M-tronic won't start when warm

    A shame to hear, did you reset the m-tronic a lot? i do mine about every day, when i'm warming it up in the morning before cutting.
  15. SuperPowerPatty

    Stihl MS362 M-tronic won't start when warm

    Reading more and more about the 362 the more i realise how lucky i am with mine. Have had it for about half a year now, 20" bar on it, starts hot with one pull every time and most importantly it runs like a champ.
  16. SuperPowerPatty

    SRT topanchor

    been playing around with SRT for a couple of months and was rec. climbing a beech, did a couple of redirects to the outher crown and came down to pack up and go. But i had to do the "walk of shame" up the tree and get all the redirects out to get the line out. But yesterday i came around a video where they locked the small ring of a cambiumsaver with an alpine butterfly. This way you can have a topanchor for srt but still make a lot of redirects and get your line out I tried the same thing today and put a ring through the butterfly for added safety. thought i'd share it with you guys to see what you think nice neck stretch at the end of the day
  17. SuperPowerPatty

    SRT topanchor

    thanks for the advice! got a pinto last week tried it out on a tree, made a couple of redirects and tried to pull it out. worked like a dream only got a staircase pic to show....
  18. SuperPowerPatty

    Spider jack 3 !?!?

    looks amazing!

    <p>Hey arbormonkey,</p>

    <p>i wrapped them with a green foil, they use them on cars </p>

    <p>just search for wrapping foil</p>

    <p>good luck!</p>

    <p> </p>



  20. SuperPowerPatty


    been using carbon distel's for about 2 years now, deffinately worth the money, don't even realise i'm wearing them sometimes because of the little weight
  21. SuperPowerPatty

    SRT topanchor

    is there a reason why everybody uses the pinto instead of the petzl fixe or the ISC micro pulley?
  22. SuperPowerPatty

    SRT topanchor

    looks nice luke!
  23. SuperPowerPatty

    SRT topanchor

    the video's in question skip to 3:06 if not interested in the rest [ame] [/ame][ame] [/ame][ame] [/ame]
  24. SuperPowerPatty

    Maple removal 3/11

    Good one jeroen!
  25. SuperPowerPatty

    Pascal's videos

    It sure was stihlmadasever! having a constant wind to cool you down and looking down on the sea! it was action packed that's right, the clean up.......not so much


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