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  1. That’s great, thanks guys. Im after a side cover for the recoil and all of the recoil parts behind it.
  2. Hi all, I have an old Stihl 064 Chainsaw that is in need of some parts. I thought parts for these were fairly easy to get hold of until I recently searched the internet. The saw is a great workhorse, that was, until somebody drove over it in the truck. But it has survived remarkably well. Also, what happened to ‘Mister Solutions’ ?? Any help appreciated to get the old girl going again. Thanks.
  3. Hey I like these Woodmouse. They look a good pair. Not sure about your theory though, if you're hand is red the damage is already done, as I found out last Saturday!!! ;-)
  4. The injury is minor to what it could of been. Ive luckily missed the tendons by microns, so in theory it's only a flesh wound. But it went deep and I've got a row of stitches across the top of my hand, which means I can't move my hand much. My forefinger has pain at the end but I presume that's something to do with cutting through veins etc. I've been very lucky!!!
  5. Cheers chap, I've been managing to feed the chipper, keeping my hand flat and just lifting branches with my arm. Not ideal, but it's keeping me going.
  6. Hi Billyhilly, This is what I normally do, just had a silly moment, and it all happened so quickly, as it usually does. It's got me thinking now though, won't do it again.
  7. We'd been felling trees all day, I'd spent nearly all day up in the trees and was very tired. Came down at the end of the job and assisted getting the last bit through the chipper. There was one branch with a big log on it. The top handle was next to me so grabbed it to make the final cut of the day, didn't think it'd be the final cut for the next fort note though!!! It was just complacency and tiredness. I don't normally do these silly things. :-(
  8. Hi Agrimog, it's the back of my left hand that I went through with the saw. Lol. Was holding a log off the floor whilst cutting it with my top handle. The saw bounced and hit my hand, somehow.
  9. So, did a very silly thing Saturday, put my top handle saw through my hand and wasn't wearing chainsaw protective gloves. We've all had near misses, and I've got away without damaging too much. So my question is, which are the best gloves to buy, and which do you get on with best?


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