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  1. Emergency Treework Operations 2016 Assessment of Tree Forks 2016 Aerial Tree Rigging NPTC (Level 3) 2015 Safe Use & Maintenance of Wood Chippers (LANTRA) 2014 Lantra - Basic Tree Survey and Inspection 2013 Arboricultural Dismantling Techniques FastCo 2013 Safe Use of Pesticides and Hand Held Applicators NPTC 2012 Operate a Chainsaw from Rope & Harness Level 2 NPTC 2011 Advanced Chainsaw - Windblown and leaning trees FastCo 2011 Foundation Certificate in Arboriculture (Level 4) 2011 Medium Trees FastCo 2011 Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue NPTC 2009 Chainsaw NPTC 2008 Brush Cutter NPTC 2007 B+E trailer license
  2. hi mark, I used to be the lead climber there for a while, doubt they would have me back lol cheers will ill take a look
  3. Hi, I am an Arborist currently based in Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire. I have the relevant NPTC tickets CS30,31,38,39 and 41, with 8 years experience. I hold a clean driving licence with a B+e cat. I am available for contract climbing, have my own equipment and transport. My day rate is £100 in pembrokeshire and will vary for other areas to cover travel etc. Contact me at joe@cleancutrees.co.uk or call/text 07956726586
  4. Has any one managed to get a discount for Honeybrothers ? if so please tell all, thanks. also has any one found any way cheaper than HB (inc VAT)
  5. thanks for the reply's everyone. I think this will be a trial period for the headsets, so we have to try and keep it cheap n cheerful for now. I hope they are as good as everyone is saying. Has anyone got any pics maybe, of how they set theirs up ? wire configs and such ? thanks
  6. how come up topped the second one where you did ? hell of a sway. I wish i could experience those kind of heights, all the best any way Reg
  7. morning all I recently had a training day with a chap called Simon Scotting and we ended up chatting about helmet intercom. He mentioned for around £70 you can buy bluetooth intercoms for our style of helmets and the results were amazing. so this got me thinking, how do they work? Do you need your bluetooth phone on you at all times to make it work ? Or are the devices them selves bluetooth? not really keen on carrying my phone around the tree with me. Has anyone got any past experience of the slightly cheaper ones ? How many can you link up together ? I have heard mainly good things about helmet intercoms and would love to jump on the band wagon but just would like some feed back from anyone who has used them and maybe some pics ? Thanks
  8. The sprocket and crank were replaced in my 261 last year because of severe rocking on the sprocket plate. This kept leading to clutch springs snapping, the saw not starting with the chain brake on and many other issues. Just wondering what everyone else is using instead of the 261 or whats size saw is one up from the 261 ?? Thanks
  9. haha, i put it all back, nice n neat
  10. So its my dads 65th birthday and i won't be able to make it [ame] [/ame]
  11. [ame]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6blBxLymUs[/ame]
  12. cheers Yeah plenty of room to run. I find its best not underestimate what a tree could do
  13. hey cheers guys they were leylandii cypress, they seem to grow like grass around here
  14. I finally caved and made vid on a conifer bash we did, no clean up, sweeet Just waiting a few weeks for call back asking to chip the mess lol cheers [ame] [/ame]
  15. still after any info, if anyone has any ??
  16. I have not been shying away from commenting, i have been wondering how to respond to everyones comments (bearing in mind, its the most I have every had). I'd like to say thanks for them all, even if some didn't think it was a large poplar. I have to tell you though, down here in little old wales, anything over 50ft could be consider a large tree. This is due to the westerly winds that we get down here, making most of the coastal trees look like something out of a Tim Burton film. The further you head in land, the taller they get. For the reason why we couldn't fell the whole thing in one (which would have been more fun) just simply not enough room and the climber decided on rigging off the last few chunky sections of timber, which we didn't have a problem with. I edited out a few bits of rigging, it wasn't just that one lump. As for the LBT (little blue tractor) as we call it, the thing is a cracking piece of equipment. Being able to move brash, timber, dumpy bags and even a stump grinder once, is speeding up jobs no end but we mainly use it back at our yard. So thanks again, look forward to doing more videos on the LBT sometime soon cheers
  17. thanks for watching https://www.youtube.com/edit?video_id=TjKMCzmoQzk&video_referrer=watch
  18. Big thanks to Simon Scotting for tuition....hope you enjoy [ame] [/ame]
  19. haha cheers mark, tried to BS the customer around 4 o'clock, with a little tidy up and we'd be home for tea and medals but that didn't work He wanted it as close to the surrounding areas as possible, so we did but thanks for the replies
  20. ye it was the large pine just before saundersfoot , cant remember the name of the lane


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