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  1. Hi there, I've recently read about guys that have temperature monitoring on their stoves. I've got a boiler stove and the only temperatures I monitor are on the flow and return water pipes. I don't really thrash the stove but wonder if I'm missing a trick by not having more monitoring?
  2. Excellent Links Alycidon, it would be interesting to see the figures per capita and also the UK's emissions.
  3. Apologies if anyone has seen this before G. B. National Grid status WWW.GRIDWATCH.TEMPLAR.CO.UK
  4. The problem with the Kona is that it's over £30k. I got my brand new bluemotion golf pre registered for £16k. The info about 14000 cycles is good news. But the sheer number of kW hours needed to replace all that petrol and diesel which is currently being used must be challenging.
  5. An interesting thread. My total avoidable bill for gas is £640 per year. Which really means if I use the woodburner with about 15 cubic meters (it does the central heating and hot water) I could save about that amount. I scavenge for wood and enjoy the whole process but really and truely it wouldn't be worth buying it all in. The wife is quite keen on the fire in the winter as it really dries the washing effectively, and I do prefer the constant heat as opposed to the gas fired central heating cutting in and out on the thermostat. As openspaceman points out it keeps the house dry which is a plus!
  6. Wow! Thank you for your inputs, excellent! Plasterboard must be the cheapest option but not sure if it would be robust enough when i keep moving it. I'll probably try a steel sheet first and see how it goes. Thanks again. Capetown.
  7. My Dunsley Yorkshire wood burning stove is within 600mm (to the side) of the new kitchen units. I was thinking of making a heat shield to trundle out when I'm using the fire and stowing it away when I'm not. I need advice on the type of material which would be best. Many thanks! wmplayer.exe
  8. Ten rivers, 90 percent of plastic WWW.DW.COM Most of the plastic in our oceans doesn't get dumped there directly, rivers carry it to the sea. As it turns out, a very small...
  9. Well he does let me dry my boots by it. He's a good lad!?
  10. Okay I'll bite.. We know a polish couple living near us, she has a baby and has a flat on the social, he is officially unemployed but works in the building trade for cash. They are sending their money home as they are building a small hotel on a plot of land they own in their home country. You can't blame the people for exploiting the status quo, just blame the system!
  11. The guy who fitted the fire was HETAS approved so I think that his approval covers it. I can't think of a reason that Building Regs wouldn't approve it.
  12. My boiler stove has an external air supply, picks up air from below the suspended floor. Cuts out draughts and works a treat!
  13. I used to ride when I was a lot younger but it's just too dangerous now! Although I did do the Downs Link recently which is mainly off road with good surfaces! https://www.westsussex.gov.uk/media/2203/downs_link_6_stage_route_2010.pdf
  14. Capetown

    Notting Hill

    I thought it was an interesting item, but by it's nature, with several controversial organizations mentioned it's not suprising there have been no meaningful replies!
  15. Capetown

    Notting Hill

  16. they could put 2 new runways at LGW but it really wouldn't attract new transit business to the UK. It would improve point to point mainly holiday traffic at Gatwick, but thats not where the money is, and not enough money to repay the immense cost of the project.and have no effect on "over full LHR". If we are going to have to take the pain of a new runway and the associated infrastructure then it needs to be LHR!
  17. I think it's the USS Montgomery which as Spud says could go up with a big bang! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_Richard_Montgomery another good reason is the amount of bird life there, it creates havoc when ingested into aircraft engines
  18. Urban Dictionary: Author i h8 bams Excellent first post! (not).
  19. Any particular reason you are going along the "chip" route rather than logs?
  20. According to this US compilation syc is not easy to split. Firewood Ratings
  21. Sorry TVI would that be volume or mass?
  22. Funny you should say that, I also have a system! Always put the chain oil in first then the fuel!


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