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  1. Many thanks for your comment. The HP refers to High (out)Put. It is a 23kw stove and can highly recommend it.
  2. Try your local saw mill, ask them about their slab wood. This may be the cheapest way of doing it. Also try your local tree surgeons, they may be able to help. To be honest, the days of free wood are pretty much over as everything has a value as the costs rise. Good luck.
  3. We have a large isolated but insulated farmhouse in the Welsh Boarders. We heat it with a Stovax Stockton 14 HP stove feeding a thermal store, supported by solar panels for summer hot water. It produces 15kw in to the water and 7 into the room, it runs continuously from August and we dry our clothes, heat or water and the house. It was around £2000 including a thermostat, although I suspect that they have gone up since then. We have been delighted with the stove and have no complaints at all. It has been in for 5 years and this year we are replacing the baffle at around £80. Works well for us, takes logs up to 28 inch. I am a firewood merchant so we burn the crap that we would not sell to others and the best stuff that others would not want to pay for, so best of both worlds. Good Luck
  4. We have a 400m2 isolated farmhouse in the Welsh boarders which we heat from a Stovax 14HP log burner. I could not find a firewood supplier who could tell me what they would bring, why it was firewood, where it came from, what the moisture content was, exactly when they would come and a defined cost per unit. So I set myself up as a firewood merchant and provide that information to my customers. Trees are not cheap, and by the time that you have transported it, processed it, seasoned it, delivered it, stacked it, and insured every person in that process, then firewood is not cheap, but it wont cost you the earth, like oil, coal and gas.
  5. Please could you let me have your price on these nets please? Many thanks Daniel Patrick Tanat Valley Firewood
  6. Hello Bustergasket. I sell kindling, log nets and barrow bags in the van. The payload of the van is 1400 kg, so fine for the kindling which is 4kg as I can get 125 in the van and another 125 in the trailer. The barrow bags are 70kg and I can get 10 on, so only half of the permitted weight. The log nets are 12Kg and I can get 100 on the van, so again within the limit. I bought a mini crane scale on eBay for £19 which will weigh up to 300kg. I have a small crane for the tractor which lifts the barrow bags and we can weigh them using this scale. I put the average weights on my invoices which shows a level of accuracy not usually found in log sales and gives me confidence when I am pulled over by VOSA for an inspection. If you know what you are selling you can ask for the right price, if you don't know what you are selling then you may be giving it away or fall foul of trading standards and VOSA. Good luck and stay safe and legal. Raise your game and others will follow.
  7. I understand what the other commentators are saying, but I would also ask what the market will hold, that is ask the customer. I have a tractor and cone splitter and I would be happy to split locally for £25 including the travel cost. My tractor is fully depreciated and the cone splitter was £500 second hand and must have split 200T with it.
  8. I recently sold 32 cube of unseasoned oak cut into 70cm for £2250. Prices will vary around the country.
  9. Hi Nikk. We have a 300m2 farmhouse, heated entirely from logs. We use a Stovax Stockton 16HP. It is 23kw, 15 into the thermal store and 8 into the room. This is our central heating, supported by solar panels in the summer. I am a log merchant, burning our waste (that is not good enough to sell). To do this economically you will need a very large log store or a very cheap source of logs. We burn the equivalent of what I sell for £25 every day in the winter. It is a way of life and a green one at that, having a tractor and trailer and splitter will help. If you want to know more about our set up, give me a call on 01691 791 571. Good luck. Daniel PS There are a number of stoves that you can use in a smokeless zone, Clearview for example.
  10. I liver in a Toyota van, sometimes I can get £350 in it so travelling a distance is worthwhile.
  11. In rings about £200 a transit load, if you split it and season it then the transit load becomes closer to £400. Everyone will have a different idea as we don't have a standard unit of sale and we are all in different markets. Personally I sell in barrow bags as my defined unit of sale. Good luck
  12. Sales are brisk, in July I sold more than in Feb. Hoping for a long cold winter.

    <p>Hi did you buy a kindling machine?</p>

    <p>Regards wyn</p>


  14. I have been going almost three years and just about making a living. If you want to have a chat about my experience, then please feel free to give me a call on 01691 791 571. My name is Daniel Patrick and I trade as Tanat Valley Firewood. All the best with your venture. You wont make a lot of money, but you may become rich.
  15. We still have cordwood in Wales, I bought 24T of hardwood this week at £56 plus VAT, they were also offering softwood at £42.


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