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  1. Looking for someone with their own chipper and tipper to help out with a clearance job in Kent on the 16th and 17th of January. Not a hard job, willing to pay decent rates for someone with their own saw that will get stuck in cutting. Send me a message and let me know your rates. Cheers
  2. Thank you for such an in-depth answer Gimlet. I really appreciate you taking the time to do that, that is a massive help. Cheers!
  3. Hi everyone, I've been asked to quote a job, it's about 20 metres around a boundary, they want it in a South of England style. I've done a couple of hedges in this style, but just for friends and family, just wondering what sort of price per metre I should be thinking? I have woodland that I coppice every week during the season, so I've got access to plenty of materials. Cheers
  4. Good morning, I have standard insurance for business use on my Defender through RAC, but I phoned them to ask if I would be covered for off road use, and they said no. They don’t differentiate between ‘off roading’ and driving off road for work, so I would need extra cover. does anyone know a good company I could get a sort of ‘bolt on’ insurance to cover me when working off road? I spend a lot of time in woodlands, fields and driving round estates, so would like to know I’m covered should anything happen. cheers
  5. Thanks for the recommendations chaps! I'll do some emailing.
  6. Nice to meet you Filipe! Great course and great company for training. Good luck in France mate. If you come back to the UK and want some work, give me a shout! Harry (Green Man)
  7. Hi everyone. I'm looking for a rigging course in the south west, or southern half of England. I am based in Somerset. I have done courses in the past where one is taught enough to pass the assessment, and I have not really felt like I could go out and actually perform the things I have just been trained to do with any real confidence. I would love to hear if anyone has been on a really comprehensive, thorough rigging course, that went above and beyond what is required for the assessment. It's such an important part of modern arboriculture, I want to get the best foundation of knowledge I can, from people that are skilled and experienced. I'm prepared to travel for the right trainer Thanks Ben


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