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  1. Advice open barn

    I would think netting would work to stop some of the rain, the problem would be getting it secured so it doesn't get ripped off by the wind, I don't think it's going to be a cheap option and as soon as a corner comes loose it will start flapping and you are going to be sad when you see it ripped. Might be cheaper long term to put a side on the barn.
  2. You must have to be a highly trained police officer to spot something like this. Tree-transporting learner driver stopped by police - BBC News They wouldn't have noticed if he had used a leylandi van.
  3. cheap post knocker

    I use a little breaker to knock in fence posts with my 1ton yanmar, it works fine and much easier than a maul though because you are sat back away from it you need someone with a level to watch and keep them straight. That video with the separate bit that goes on the post first and then falls over looks like a real faff.
  4. Unimog 3 point linkage ram

    £328.56 is that the price for two u bolts and a bit of round bar with a groove one end? I had heard that mogs were expensive!
  5. Unimog 3 point linkage ram

    If the pin is loose ie. still turns/moves in the centre bit, the arm that the cyl. is pushing then it is only tight in the two yokes either side, which is where it is supposed to be tight. First make sure there are no burrs on the bit sticking out, give it a file up and rub with emery, then you will have to heat the yokes with oxy/acetylene to break the rust and tap the pin out, be better if you have a soft punch to go against the end of the pin like a piece of round aluminium so you don't burr up the pin. Looks like it is real awkward to get to to give it some decent hits, is there any way of taking something else off or dropping the cyl. off at the top to get at it better?
  6. Recommend a tree

    So does the size of the pot limit the trees size but does it still grow as healthily? if you see what i mean.
  7. Ride on lawn mower for steep uneven slopes

    An AWD. Husky rider will do that no bother but decent second hand ones are hard to find and not cheap for a new one.
  8. Stihl MS 230 again

    Or if you have a vernier calipers measure the o ring and get another of eblag, they are really cheap so you could try a few different sizes - slightly thicker. But get viton o rings not buna n.
  9. Help! impossible speeding ticket

    So if you are losing your licence and going to jail you will probably want a quick sale of the 120mph defender?
  10. 560xp Clutch Removal

    There, thats a proper job, you didn't have to order it from Husky wait a week and go back to fetch it, and you got to play with your Dremel. That tool will go in the "special tools" drawer now.
  11. 560xp Clutch Removal

    Make your own from a big socket, just attack it with a grinder to leave three prongs stuck out. Your too quick Stubby.
  12. Small Tracked forwarder

    What make is it? or what is it based on? it's not a John Deere is it? Really neat looking setup is the "trailer" part hydraulically driven? Sorry for all the questions.
  13. Brushcutter mulching blade

    Impressive, it even mulched a shopping trolley!


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