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  1. Never had a problem with mine... Good choice of line see's it through most things. If all you want to do all day is go through wet thick stuff then do buy something bigger as jamie suggests or you'll struggle.
  2. I've had the FS94 for a couple of seasons now and I can't fault it ... It's needed nothing from me other than grease at the head and it's easy on the fingers and arms. I can happily use it for a couple of hours straight. If it broke tomorrow I'd buy another!
  3. I was just wondering about that... The bump heads can certainly get warm with prolonged use... I'm starting to wonder if I should leave my fs94r with its nose in a bucket of water...
  4. Oh yes I remember now ... seems like so long ago Can I ask what kind of workload that picture represents? I assume it's more than an hour and less than 1000...
  5. I'm on the 2.4mm Diamond Edge stuff and I like it a lot... it's the bump head that gives me grief! I'll take a look at the jet fit head as well as the portek ... I can't really see what it is between them that matters
  6. That sounds like my kind of lazy I've been using fairly liberal amounts of WD40 in a bump head which seems to help a lot with longevity and sticking... Was thinking of upgrading to a thicker line and a portek head so I guess we'll see if my inner lazy bastard gets the better of me
  7. Is this something you do every time before use or once before loading it into the head?
  8. Wow! Shows how much I know about this stuff! What exactly is the benefit to this, strength/flexibility?
  9. Really? I wouldn't have imagined for 1 second that the cord would be porous
  10. Makita ... been running them for years and I still have one of my old 12V Mh jobbies for stuff around the house!
  11. Well that I guess is what you'd call a 'love bite' from your saw... Balls mate, that's what it took to put yourself up here after doing that ... one handed as well ... Ignoring the useless commentators and sightseers on the matter, cheers, cheers for being honest and showing the uninitiated (myself included) what can happen if you make a mistake (be it lack of attention, training, experience or insert reason here) with one of those evil saws! I've done the damaged tendon and muscle thing (on a much lighter scale) and can assure you that the road of recovery is a long one but very much achievable... Do the exercises, it'll hurt but it'll halve your recovery time! Don't forget the recovery photo's and any decent nurses along the way wouldn't go amiss... ask them first they'll often pose
  12. matt_uk

    Instant hedge

    Very well put... I'll back up the vote on the mix of Hawthorn and Pyracantha ... NO ONE will try and go through the stuff without a suit of armour! Having had personal experience of the combination as a rather worse for wear teenager many years ago (not such a good short cut as it turned out) which resulted in my mam screaming that I'd been hit by a car... I still bear a couple of scars from that ... thank buggery I was sozzled she covered me in TCP!
  13. How well I know that song
  14. Is that the stuff by Oregon?


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