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  1. Don't worry I found another post about the oil breather valve. Thanks for you help.
  2. It definitely was leaking as it pooled before but haven't really been able to use it since trying to fix it seems like the oil is inside the cover rather than draining from the barbut will go and check thanks. What is the breather valve behind the bar mount? Thanks
  3. Hi My 200t is leaking oil from the oiling system somewhere (not crank case have checked). I have changed it all now with new parts (I even glued the oil pipe in the hole as saw that may be it)and it is still leaking oil. Not the whole tank but enough to cover where ever it is stored. Any suggestions on where to look or what might be causing it would be great. Thanks
  4. Thank you I tried the knack it has worked. So simple when you know how. Wasted hours yesterday 🙃 thanks all!
  5. Thank you I will try and master the knack.
  6. Hi Just replacing my brake band on my 560 for the first time and can't seem to get the brake off after I have installed it. To get the side cover back on. Any tips? Thanks

    <p>Hi, </p>

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    <p>I was wondering if you still someone. I have two years experience working as a grounds man/ 2nd climber. I am hard working and keen to learn more and become a lad climber soon.</p>

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    <p>Martyn Dudley</p>



  8. Hi, I have just moved to Braunton, North Devon and am looking for as much work and experience as possible. I have maintenance, crosscut and small fell NPTC qualifications. I am hard working and keen! I am currently working for a high ropes construction company as a carpenter. I do manage all their tree requirements as part of my role. I will do ground work and landscaping if required. Cheers Martyn Dudley 07752317220


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