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  1. What's people's views on going as a subbie? If I earn £120 per day employed with all the benefits and security is it worth subbing for £150/160 per day? I haven't been self employed in this industry before but am getting offered days all the time any advice or your personal experience would be useful.

    Thanks peeps.

  2. Hi guys, a friend of mine is selling his climbing kit, it doesn't have an up to date loler examination and he didn't take any paperwork of the previous tests when he left his last company. So question is can I just take it for a test without the documented history? When an inspector gets a kit do they just look at the kit as is or do they need the history? 


  3. 25 minutes ago, TIMON said:


    I think that the fact he was honest and open with you was a plus..
    Maybe you could be a real asset to his business and help him turn things around..
    You know, see it as an opportunity to make a difference.


    hadn't thought of that! haven't turned him down yet maybe i'll think about it for a while longer. thanks.

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  4. On 05/08/2019 at 22:49, TIMON said:

    Great question. It depends on the circumstances I think.
    If it is someone employed by the owner of the firm, in-house, trained up to provide regular and thorough inspections, and the employer genuinely has the well-being and safety of his work force at heart then I don’t see anything wrong with that at all. It may be that the employer would want to have the peace of mind that he trusts the guy to make sure all the kit being used is safe.

    The guidance states that the examiner must be able to demonstrate that he can perform his duties without ‘fear or favour’.

    If it is the owner himself doing the inspections, operating on a tight budget, under financial pressure etc.. then obviously that isn’t a good situation.

    He is behind on inspections so am not accepting employment with his firm.

  5. On 05/08/2019 at 21:58, Steve Bullman said:

    Yep I agree, conflict of interest. No law against it though 

    The worrying thing is that he has admitted to not keeping up with the loler inspections. 

  6. Thanks for your input everybody. I have decided not to work for the company in question as the owner admitted to me that he is behind on the inspections as he knows he is going to have to condemn a lot of kit as he has no record of its history and it will cost a lot of money. I dont actually have a problem with in house inspections as long as it is done properly and up to date.

    Thanks again.


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