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  1. Check out 'the educated climber' Facebook page and podcasts on Spotify. He has certain books that he recommends too. He's Canadian though so probably won't help with tree I.D.
  2. I guess there is no reason why you couldn't, but you wouldn't get the side to side motion which the bridge provides. Good for ascent I'd imagine but I went for the regular Sequoia (2019) because I felt the SRT version was more cluttered and restrictive.
  3. Totally different rope. The original Cougar rope is polyester cover and polyester core. Very low elongation (2%). The CE version has a nylon core, with enough stretch to conform to the CE standards. I have used the CE rope and its fine but way stretchy in SRT configuration.
  4. The chain brake 'off' action on the 395xp (well, at least on my saw) is terrible. I believe that this is pretty normal, and I always attributed it to the old design with the one sided lever mount. However; recently I used a 3120xp, which has the same style mount, and the brake is much MUCH better. Video here I wondered for a minute if the two side covers were interchangeable, but after a quick look side by side they are obviously not. Then I went away and wondered if it was a shorter/weaker spring. I ordered the 3120xp spring just to compare them. The 3120xp chainbrake spring was longer, and larger diameter, so not a direct swap and unlikely that it is 'weaker'. Has anyone got any ideas on rectifying this? I am aware that modifying a safety feature really isn't ideal, but the brake is currently so difficult to operate that you tend to just ignore it.
  5. Wow awesome video! Plenty of manky radiata for you to slay in NZ.. Great place to enjoy the down time too. I love getting out on the kayak myself. Who are you working for?
  6. I have a ring and swivel on my bridge, I mainly use a knut hitch, I only have a problem when using a VT. (I haven't studied if the phenomenon happens on SRT with swivel and VT), I switch between hitches, rings, swivels and techniques depending on how I feel.
  7. Im having issues with the app, can't open it just get a network error. Been the same for at least a couple weeks. Tried a clean install twice, restarting phone etc. Same on wifi and 4g. Might be my end, but anyone else had issues?
  8. Have a search for my thread on cheap Bluetooth comms, I think posted instructions for installing.
  9. I've a 2014 mk1 540 still on original rear AV spring 🤥 only recently had issues, slight carb fault easily fixed. Only done 110 hours though they tell me. Also have a 2511, both are good, both have their quirks.
  10. The cheap ones function well. Mainly durability is the problem. Most units can connect 3 coms. I had a cheap set, worked great for 2 weeks, then stopped charging. Not saying they are all like that mind. Bought Sena smh 10 since, hard to think how we did it without them.
  11. Yes the Petzl eye protection fits directly to the helmet, most mesh visors connect to the earmuff mounts.
  12. If your not too interested in trees/hard graft and it's more about people, business, income, investment then I'd say stump grinding would suit the bill. I know more arborists who sub out stumps than chipping. Have a hunt around and see who's doing what close to where you want to set up.
  13. I have done contracting with a chipper and truck, but mainly as a top up whilst my business was getting going (I'm a climber too). You can make alright money but I'd been around the industry and met a few people which helped. I was lucky to get a day a week to help fill the dairy. Most arborists are pretty well set up, for us buying the gear is probably the easiest part of the equation, finding the work and the staff is not so easy. Perhaps you'd be better to look at something a bit more niche. What about a large stump grinder or 12-18 inch chipper and HGV? Probably have to travel more for work but there are alot of transits and 6inch chippers around already.
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this a new version of an older non-professional mid sized top handle saw?
  15. Sena Bluetooth in the ear defenders.. Makes hedges and working alone bearable
  16. Practice at home in front of the telly. Make up a rhyme or system to remember how to tie it. Take a photo of it on your phone and keep in close by when setting up. I find if you take off your hitch cord every time you climb it forces you to make an effort to remember! Also means you are checking the cordage regularly!
  17. I said something similar on another thread (think it was after the Reg Coates one handing video), I got shot down big time. My training massively deterred me from one handing. People who I trained with at the same time, have gone on to companies and one handing is just how they do it now. Luckily I've always been self employed/subbing for decent people who never expected or encouraged me to do it. I've only been climbing around 5 years but probably would say I've one handed around ten times or so, when I really thought it was safer (not easier). I just can't think of a good reason to make this line of work any more dangerous than it is. I certainly don't want to put someone in the position of the boss/rescuer in the article.
  18. My 576 is pre auto tune, very nice saw which seems much better than a friend's auto tune model. Occasionally my local dealer has fitted the regular carb to a problematic auto tune 576.
  19. Yes it can be, I guess you can achieve the same with retrievable redirects anyway, I just liked the simplicity of it.
  20. Well I find for setting/changing anchors it's much easier being able to make a device attach midline. And when using the BDB, remotely removing natural redirects with the tail of your rope was a dream.. Can't do it with the ZZ unless DRT.
  21. Don't you find it a pain using the Zigzag SRT? Being non midline attachable and all
  22. The knut is the most reliable hitch I've found. Doesn't need tending and doesn't bind up. Not as fast as a VT and doesn't self tend but less sit back too.


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