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  1. Northern Arb Supplies

    Northern Arb ...... Please wake up .

    Hi "White Noise" Unfortunately without knowing your order details it's difficult to provide you with an accurate answer as to why your order might ave taken long. As you can see from the other comment s, we serve thousands of customers without such issues. It's also interesting you have mentioned ordering from Italy....are other arb suppliers in the UK also out of stock? With regards to orders not received, we would strongly advise you to either ring or email us like most customers do. You might find it's also quicker to resolve your problems by contacting the suppler as supposed to getting answers from forums. Northern Arb Supplies
  2. Northern Arb Supplies

    Hand Pruning Saws

    Hand Pruning Saws Sheathed Saw vs Pole Saw vs Pocket Saw Hand pruning saws are essential tools for arborist, landscapers and forestry workers when pruning shrubs and trees, and woodworking. These sharp cutting saws are a common alternative to using a chainsaw for light work, and can also be used in combination with the chainsaw to complete heavy-duty tasks. Robust, handheld Silky Saw's are designed in a variety of sizes with a range of razor-sharp teeth configurations, and have long been the choice of professionals. Today, we are reviewing the most popular Sheathed, Pole and Pocket Saws from our list of the top 10 pruning saws. Please feel free to comment and share your reviews. 1. Silky Zübat Sheathed Saw The Silky Zübat Saw is a heavy duty sheathed saw featuring 7.5 teeth per 30mm. This razor sharp saw has been manufactured with a low curved blade and is ideal for delimbing large branches, including those above shoulder height. Comfort is assured with this saw by means of its moulded rubber handle. The saw comes with a scabbard with a constructed handle to creating a firm lock. Available in sizes 24cm-39cm. 7.5 teeth per 30mm Ideal for delimbing large branches Moulded rubber handle Available in sizes 24cm-39cm Reviews: 2. Silky Zübat 2700 Pole Saw The Silky Zübat Pole Saw 2700 is telescopic saw extending up to 8.85ft with a blade length of 15". This is the perfect saw for pruning branches at height without the need to climb. Its oval-shaped pole assures firmness and strength while sawing, in addition to allowing the user full control over the direction of the cut. The saws unique four cutting angles allow a fast and smooth cut, while shock absorber via the pole end ensures great comfort. Extends up to 8.85ft Remains firm when extended Blade length: 15" Four cutting angles Review: 3. Silky Gomboy 210-10 Pocket Saw The Silky Gomboy 210-10 Pocket Saw contains 10 teeth per 30mm which are impulse hardened to ensure strength and durability are maintained. The blade itself is extremely thin and tough meaning that the saw will not bend as it cuts on the pull. Its handle has been designed using a rubber, insert processed steel for comfort and toughness. All folding Silky Saws utilise a safety lock system to ensure the blade remains still when folded. 10 teeth per 30mm Thin and tough blade Comfortable firm handle Safety lock system Review:
  3. Northern Arb Supplies

    NEW! Rotatech Chain To Fit Stihl MS150 Saw!

    The wait is over - Rotatech chains to fit the Stihl MS150 saw are now available to order online! Shop Here or Find Out More
  4. Northern Arb Supplies


    In our latest blog, we've put together a list of essentials used for rigging. Do you use everything on this list? Let us know if there's anything else you use! Read Here
  5. Northern Arb Supplies

    Super Sexy Chainsaw Oil (Christmas Edition)

    Good to hear Dan As of now we are also giving away a free hat when you spend £25 on Rotatech products including chains! Hope this is helpful for your future orders
  6. Northern Arb Supplies

    Super Sexy Chainsaw Oil (Christmas Edition)

    Hi Dan! Unfortunately this wasn't available with the Black Friday offer as you received a discount on the oil
  7. Northern Arb Supplies

    Super Sexy Chainsaw Oil (Christmas Edition)

    Super Sexy Chainsaw Oil (Christmas Edition) We completely sold out on Black Friday and we have now fully restocked! For a limited time only, enjoy DOUBLE NAS Loyalty Points + A FREE Rotatech Hat with your order. Use offer code 'XMAS21' to claim your free hat! Please note this is a top seller and once it's gone, we cant guarantee stock until Mid January 2018! Shop Here
  8. Take a look at the NEW Stein Enigma D30 Chainsaw Boots featuring Class 2 chainsaw protection (24m/s)... What They Offer: Extreme comfort - Designed with premium quality leather Seamless upper construction providing water-repellency Lined with a climate-regulating membrane - Protects against external moisture & maintains breathability Heel features an undercut design for more secure breaking D30 Decell technology in the COMFORT in-sole - Absorbs negative impact forces & reduces stress to lower limbs View this product
  9. Our Black Friday offer is back for Cyber Monday only! Last chance to grab Super Sexy Chainsaw Oil at just £34.99! Shop Here
  10. Northern Arb Supplies

    Black Friday Offer - Super Sexy Chainsaw Oil

    For Black Friday - 25L Super Sexy Chainsaw Oil is now £34.99 + FREE Delivery!! Super Sexy Oil is a vicious, tacky chainsaw oil containing anti-fling properties. Designed to lubricate and protect chainsaw chains and cutter bars on pump fed chainsaws. Shop Here
  11. Northern Arb Supplies

    Do you use a head torch in winter?

    Good choice Steve!
  12. Northern Arb Supplies

    Do you use a head torch in winter?

    With the days now getting shorter, it is essential to keep work levels up and ensure you stay safe throughout this winter with efficient lighting. We are interested in finding out - Do you use a head torch in winter? Our latest blog provides some useful information about our range of head torches and what they offer. Read Here
  13. Northern Arb Supplies

    NEW Husqvarna 550xp- What are your thoughts?

    A while back Husqvarna launched the Husqvarna 550xp Chainsaw. Has any tried this chainsaw yet and what are your thoughts?
  14. Northern Arb Supplies

    Work Gloves Reviews

    At Northern Arb Supplies we are often asked, "which gloves are the best?" - A question which the answer depends entirely on the work you are carrying out. To help answer this question, we have now analysed five extremely popular work gloves amongst Arborists, Tree Surgeons, Landscapers and more, and provided useful information to help you decide which gloves are the best to suit you and your daily requirements. Read Here
  15. Northern Arb Supplies

    The Chains That Keep You Cutting

    You may have heard about Rotatech Chainsaw Chains, but want to know more before you part with the pennies? Here are just some Rotatech reviews from Amazon, Facebook, YouTube and professional journals.... Click here to read more


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