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  1. The majority of LAs wont touch that with a barge pole as the powers are discretionary. The trees have to be imminently dangerous to action and if the owner ignores the notice the LA is obliged to do the works or take on liability.
  2. Hi Folks Was sent these pics yesterday with a request to ID. They are at the base of a laburnum and there is a scattering of internal deadwood. Cheers
  3. Yes you can get Nectria canker on sorbus
  4. Just a had another thought. Check how the portfolio is assessed for the ABC qualification as it isn't clear on the HCC website. It should be assessed formatively as you progress by the tutor as you need to meet 100% of the assessment criteria. i.e. If they mark it and you get 70%, they should give it back to you and tell you what areas you need to improve on to get to 100%. It would then be subject to summative assessment by ABC at the end of the course which should be a formality if the tutor has done their job right with the formative assessment. Its no good them sending you info and leaving you to get on with it and then only checking at the end. That isn't how the ABC courses work. Also check if the ABC assessment is included in the course fee or if you have to arrange it yourself. Good luck
  5. I don't think the HCC dip is accredited so unless the person interviewing you doesn't really know what they are doing, it wont get you very far. If you are going down this route then I would go with the one that is awarded by ABC as this is an accredited course and will get you onto the next level. They only do L2 but you will need minimum L4 for surveying ideally, L6 for planning and expert witness, again ideally. L2 is a good starting point though. I think Treelife do a correspondence version called Tree-mail that you can start any time, at least they used to although they don't encourage it. There is also the ISA as an entry level that you can realistically study yourself and then step up to L4 from that, it will be a bit of a jump but its doable.
  6. just based on the species I would go for Phellinus igniarius.
  7. What he said. The only way I would buy a new house is if it was a self build so its not rammed on top of the next one on a housing estate and you can inject a bit of character / style into it.
  8. It doesn't create mass but it rearranges it. When you burn wood you are also using oxygen from the atmosphere for the reaction to work. The CO2 is then created from the wood (partly carbon) and the O2 in the atmosphere (oxygen). CO2 = 1 part carbon and 2 parts oxygen. I think the chemical bonds in the wood also contain some oxygen and contribute. Something like that anyway, its been a while since I studied that stuff.
  9. Make sure its accredited on the RQF (Regulated Qualifications Framework), it wasn't a few years ago. It wasn't even based on up to date practices. It may have changed. Treelife do a correspondence version of the L2, L4 and L6 qualifications which is probably a better bet.
  10. The branches tend to become brittle as they a ring barked by the squirrels and then fail. Maybe. Or maybe it just becomes a bit gnarled due to the damage. Just depends if the tree has enough energy to keep reinforcing itself against the damage, and how aggressive the squirrels are. I have seen sycamore like this last for years. No, pruning will reduce available energy which is needed as mentioned above. Prune to reduce risk only (when needed). You cant really prune out the damage without destroying the tree and even if you did, the squirrels would cause more damage.
  11. My business account is with Natwest and it was loads easier to sort than HSBC. Much better service. I have bank with HSBC since 1990. I think J may be onto something.
  12. That's bizarre. My mortgage is with HSBC and they assessed it against company profits plus salary. HSBC are useless though, they closed my business account last December without telling me. Took me two months to get the money out of them as well. They told me three times to go into the bank and they would transfer the money to my personal account (which I knew they couldn't), when I got in they wouldn't do it. The last time in went in the bank manager phoned the call centre and gave them a bit of a roasting.
  13. I did the same, put it off too long and ended up paying too much. I save a lot on tax by being Ltd.
  14. The mortgage company will look at your salary plus the company profits to determine your max income.


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