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  1. Quick ident?

    Could be, I've just never seen it with a thick trunk like that before.
  2. Quick ident?

    Scrap that, didn't see the second pick. I know this but cant think.
  3. Quick ident?

    Phyladelphus maybe?
  4. Tree surgeon falls 30ft

    Yeah ideally both but they are a pretty rare breed in my experience. I have been off the tools for 12 years so I am neither anymore. I do recommend a few tree surgeons to my clients and I will go with good (quality and safety) over speed every time. But then I suppose I am not paying them.
  5. Tree surgeon falls 30ft

    I think gravity is bigger and louder in America.
  6. Tree surgeon falls 30ft

    I think you are confusing a good climber with a fast climber mate. Admittedly some folk are both though.
  7. Sudden Sorbus Deaths

    If it was an environmental issue such as drought it wouldn't really be targeting Sorbus, unless they are all newly planted I suppose. As a guess possibly Fireblight which as you say is bacterial and is host specific to Rosaceae including Sorbus. Any pics?
  8. Termination of Pollarding street trees.

    I do the occasional mortgage report in Bristol. Working off the geological survey maps much of the bedrock is sandstone but there are quite large areas of Mercia Mudstone which can be shrinkable. Cheers
  9. Tinnitus

    I have two sounds now, age 43. I've had the whistling for years and just ignore it. About two months ago I was working late at the computer and thought I could hear a generator in the distance. Sort of like a bus ticking over down the road. I actually went out in the garden to listen to see where it was from. I asked my partner and she couldn't hear it so put two and two together. The new noise annoyed me at first but I am used to it now so I just zone out. Can't listen to music too load in the car now as it hurts slightly. Mine is from a combination of chainsaws, chippers, compact tractors and mowers, gigs, festivals, and clubs. There are treatments but not on the NHS and success is hit and miss I believe. someone I used to work with was treated by a clinic in Brussels and was completely cured. Don't know more about it than that though.
  10. Qualification level

    Spot on.
  11. Work in france

    We visit France 2 or 3 times a year and love the place. What are the opportunities like for consultants? Cheers
  12. Problem complying with APN 12

    On the contrary mate, I was agreeing with you. The thickness issue is a slightly dodgy one as if you ask Geosynthetics they will always say run it by their tech specifiers first. They made a point of saying those numbers I provided which I got from them is just a guide and shouldn't be relied upon fully. You may have a point about the B and Q membrane, I put some down in my garden last week and you can tear it with your fingers.
  13. Problem complying with APN 12

    I agree with Gary about the sharp edges, you should be using clean angular stone, shouldn't be that sharp. The 20t thing is dependent on the depth of the Cellweb: 75mm - footways and cycle tracks. 100mm - up to 6t. e.g. cars and light vans. 150mm - up to 30t. e.g. Fire engine and delivery vehicles. 200mm - 30t - 60t. e.g. HGV and construction traffic. These weights are direct from Geosynthetics and I stress they are approximate but they will help you with the spec if you need it. They have a questionnaire they send out that then goes to their engineers. Cheers
  14. Section 211 notice

    If the trees are TPOd you need a TPO app, not a Section 211. Trees not covered by the TPO would still need a S. 211. Some TOs seem to say that epicormic removal is exempt but it isn't. Cheers
  15. Fungi on large Fir. ID help please

    Are those little spikes on the cap? Looks like Pholiota squarrosa to me but I've never seen it on conifer. Closer pics would be good. Prepare to be shot down by our fungi gurus Chris and David?


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