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  1. My business account is with Natwest and it was loads easier to sort than HSBC. Much better service. I have bank with HSBC since 1990. I think J may be onto something.
  2. That's bizarre. My mortgage is with HSBC and they assessed it against company profits plus salary. HSBC are useless though, they closed my business account last December without telling me. Took me two months to get the money out of them as well. They told me three times to go into the bank and they would transfer the money to my personal account (which I knew they couldn't), when I got in they wouldn't do it. The last time in went in the bank manager phoned the call centre and gave them a bit of a roasting.
  3. I did the same, put it off too long and ended up paying too much. I save a lot on tax by being Ltd.
  4. The mortgage company will look at your salary plus the company profits to determine your max income.
  5. No, a Ltd company is a separate legal entity so it gets sued, not you. in your example you would be driving the car, not the company.
  6. I can do you a Picus report with QTRA risk assessment. Email is info@edentreesurveys.co.uk Will give you a call later. Cheers
  7. I know it’s pretty unsightly. It’s just something I used to do. I saw someone once rig a top E when it broke at the bridge by tying something at the end and re-stringing it. You would think it would just snap when you try to straighten out the bit that was previously wound on the machine heads but it didn't. Just thought it looked useful as I never had spare strings lying around when I was a student. Don’t do it now but don’t use the SG much. I’m about to get it set up for my 6 year old as he only has an acoustic so he can play with it until Xmas. Cheers, nice Ibanez too, cool paint job. I have my eye on a Gretsch semi acoustic with a bigsby tremolo next up or maybe a Gibson semi. Wouldn’t mind a 12 string acoustic also at some point. I have a soprano ukulele as well that I wouldn’t mind upgrading, i’ll Post a pick when I get a min.
  8. What is the qualification level? It seems to range from L3 to L6! They might get an L3 with very little experience for that.
  9. These are mine: Epiphone SG which I have had since the mid 90's, bit batter and dusty now, its been retired. Fender Stat, never really wanted one until I saw it. Was looking for a Gibson semi
  10. I'll ping you a PM mate with the quote. Cheers
  11. Hi Mate I can give you a price if no one else can who is closer and Steve is probably a similar distance to me. Do you know what the diameter of the tree is and is it free of obstructions, walls, ivy, shrubs, etc? Cheers
  12. Be careful with this approach, if you fell a protected tree on the basis that the owner has told you and signed a contract to say there is no TPO, you would still have committed a criminal offence. Always check with the TO mate, you wouldn't believe how many times I have been told there is no TPO when there is one in place. Cheers
  13. An issue with the rooting zone would be the first thing to check. Drought, compaction, recent building, etc.


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