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  1. New wheel. New teeth. Done a lot of big stumps a day. More then you think of a predator 38 rx. If you know what you are doing. This machine is a money maker for yourself. Look what I done. Created this thread 7 years ago. Running same machine, and still doing great. Predator 38rx is a money maker. [emoji106]
  2. I’m amazed this thread is still alive after so many years I’m doing mostly tree stumps now, also some digging after stumps been removed. And supply a pressure washing service, getting that work from stump clients. Been very busy. I’m going to spend a night next week and see all the posts in the tread. [emoji2]
  3. Out grinding in the sunshine. Hope you are all busy and living the dream [emoji2][emoji2]
  4. 48 stumps in total. Was the smaller kind of stumps. Prepare job for fencing going up.
  5. Had a strange issue with the machine. Would not start. Tried everything, Even the screwdriver on the starter motor. Nothing. Found the earth on the plate the engine sits on had bad connection to the engine due to loose bolts . So engine bolts have been loose created muck between it and the engine. I created a cable between the earth and the bolt holding the starter engine. And tighten the engine bolts holding it to the plate. Won’t lift it and clean. This fix sorted it. A thought to anyone in similar situation.
  6. It’s been nonstop, so far. I’m happy to hear you are very busy.
  7. It’s been nonstop, so far. I’m happy to hear you are very busy.
  8. Where do you guys get the jobs from. ? Myself it’s word of mouth 90%. The others from Facebook page. And that keeps me quite busy.
  9. I’m need to see to get some social media person involved in my stump grinding. I just don’t do the videos and photos apparently. Been flat out the last 5 days and not even a photo. [emoji23]
  10. 9 jobs on Sunday. Be the biggest to date trying to complete. Or will complete to more correct. [emoji295]️. Going to start taking videos and photos. The last 3 years haven’t bothered.
  11. Anyone with a 38rx tell me should them cables be put together??
  12. If you had many of them jobs it would make sense with a bigger machine.


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