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  1. Story: Pruning about 140 young Lime trees in the middle of the city, 4 lanes of traffic, tram lines, etc etc. Found a dead one, called the Tree Officer, he comes out and says to remove it straight away. Later on, a few trees later, 2 hippy-looking people with bare feet ride by on their bikes, turn around, come back to us, and ask, rather concerned and upset "why did the poor tree have to come down?" My immediate reply: "Oh, my groundsman here needs firewood, and he liked that particular tree, so we removed it." The reaction on their faces, priceless [emoji28]
  2. I got mine on Friday... It's beautiful......
  3. Arborists. Gladiators great for forestry, but for climbing, always the Arborists
  4. I found them uncomfortable, the log loops are just too narrow. And the old sequoia didnt have lanyard connections at the front, just the hip D's. And I used to have the old model of the Avao, the Navaho, and hated, and I wish to emphasize, HATED, the fixed D at the front. And after more than an hour in the tree, I used to lose feeling in my feet... that's what put me off Petzl belts. Tried the Treemotion (very nice, but overpriced), my heavily modified TreeAustria 3.2 needs to be retired, and I like the Simhahrghuarghuargahgagu, but I likes the looks of the new Sequoia, and just wondering if anyone had the opportunity to try one on.
  5. Afternoon Ladies and Gents. I've been looking at the shiny new harness from Petzl for about a week now, and wanted to know if anyone has had the opportunity to try it on? Never actually liked the Petzl harnesses, but I'm after a new harness within the next month or so, and was actually sold on the Simarhhagrhuhaghhu harness, but then saw the new Sequoia, looks nice and shiny, and now I aint so sure.... And I cannot, and will not, justify £500,000,000 for the new Treemotion. Just no. Thoughts and opinions?
  6. The Husky. Had a 160 for over a year, got annoyed with its lack of power, gave it to my apprentice, and got a 150. But a battery saw will never replace my 201tc. I find the 150 or baby Echo great for climbing when there is some fat deadwood to remove or a nasty reduction on the job
  7. Truck got stuck, so we had to walk around the castle.... yay, snow....
  8. Well, as previously said, I never found my Andrews to be "uncomfortable", just Meindls are better [emoji16] I still have the same pair of Andrews that I had from summer '16, got them resoled just over a year ago with original Vibram soles, and they still look like normal, respectable boots. No flappi-ness. Although, the insides have started to come apart in places, nothing major yet, and the profile on the soles have worn down considerably, (particularly noticible in recent snowy weather, to the amusement of my apprentice...) but for over 2 years service, I aint complaining. Actually, a bit annoying that they last this long.... I really really want an excuse to get the new airstreams....
  9. Oh sorry, just to clarify, I also did that for the euro equivalent of 10quid an hour for a while, when i was 23 and just moved to Deutschgermanyland. Now, 5 years later, I'm a head foreman and get a lot more per hour, plus more tickets, HGV licence, etc, etc. But I still get up at 4.30am....
  10. Just thought I'd chip in here... for us, we all have to start at the workshop at 6am, and i have a 30min drive, so my first alarm goes off at 4.30 (I have 3 alarms). So start at 6, load truck and have a coffee, off by 6.15/30, on site around 7.30/8 (depending on location and traffic), finish on site between 3/4pm, back at workshop about 5-ish, home about 5.30/6-ish. 10-12 hour day. Suck it up, get up early, earn yer cash. Just to add to that though, i regularly sleep for 12 hours a piece on the weekends [emoji16]
  11. Thats Watson.... NOT coming along very well as an arbdog...
  12. For both, I like the Yale Poison Ivy, the one with the yellow dots in it. Honey brothers sell couger blue at moment i think, but i heard that the CE rated version isnt as static... but i aint tried it
  13. It is very easy to find, indeed. Pull it up the tree too fast, and you hypnotise yourself. Yeah, first impressions, incredibly stiff. Im assuming this is just the way its designed, but it is not a "knot-friendly" rope (pun not intended). True to its description as being just an access or SRT rope, it is rather good. And indeed quite static. Its not a "grippy" rope, so took a while for the prussik to get itself sorted, but after a wee while, works beautifully. As said, the only bad thing about it, is its stiffness, but thats what its meant to be i think. No milking, genuinely static even with a base anchor, works lovely with a VT and RW, after 2 days, i'm rather liking it. As a pure SRT rope, one to reccomend.
  14. I'm all for going for a bargain when i see one, but when I started climbing about 8/9 years ago, I was young, dumb and broke, so got a Petzl Navaho, now Aveo I think, and hated it. I had to use it for a few years, and hated it every day. Uncomfortable in every way. Save your pennies mate, and get a decent harness, your legs, back, hips, and nether regions will thank you...


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