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  1. Where's the work, what's the money and how do I get pts? Thanks
  2. <p>Hi Tommy. Have accepted your friend request and yes I did get the 18" bar. Works a treat on the bigger stuff.</p>


    <p>Hi Roggo,</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>I've been off here for a while? Did you get the bar? </p>

    <p> </p>



  4. <p>Hello. I have chainsaw tickets but am not a climber. I suitable? Is it viable to return to uk at weekends? What are pay terms & conditions? Thanks roger</p>

  5. <p>Afternoon roggo, works pretty full on at the minute a contract will be finishing in sept, but it looks like it's going to run over day rate £80 fancy it..? Give us a call 07702408307 cheers pete</p>


    <p>Hello Pete. How much work is there. What is the pay etc. </p>

    <p>Got cscs cs32 PPe and saws. Roggo</p>



    <p>hello tommy,</p>

    <p>i got a 550 xp this year and used only 15" so far, but am considering getting an 18" bar purely for cross-cutting larger diameter stuff into logs. how did/do you get on with the 18" on your 550xp? thanks in advance. roggo</p>


  8. I heard on the news within last 12 months that there is an imminent shortage in France where they use poplar to make camembert boxes. Grants are available for planting etc etc. That might be an avenue worth trying. If you need help with the language, I speak fluent French so give us a shout.
  9. <p>Hi. I got a pad in Finistere. Do you ever find yourself needing an extra pair of hands for a couple of days per week over a few weeks. I could stay over at my place to save journeying to and fro UK. I got CS 31/32/33. 1st aid, the new ROLO H&S. Oh and I speak fluent French.</p>

  10. ...so in case this is something you might consider, take a look at this south finistere pad, which is a 200-year stone building with 2000m2 of woodland on a north-facing slope. Mainly oak and some sweet chestnut. 2 hours from Roscoff, 2.5 hours from St Malo. Bonne chance! Vente Maison 2 Pieces De 50 M2 29380 St Thurien (809) - bien de l'agence Agence Immo 29 - Appartement Villa Maison à Uzès avec l'agence immobilière Agence Immo 29 . A 12 KM DE QUIMPERLE
  11. I noticed a comment about potentially moving to britanny as a stepping stone to uk...
  12. <p>Hi Jonnyboy158, are you still needing a cutter for 10weeks work? I have CS31, goingfor CS32 end of august. would need to travel and stay over so would like to know terms and pay please. Rog 07876 435400 <a href="mailto:" rel="">rwpoynor@yahoo.co.uk</a></p>

  13. <p>got cs30+31 and going for CS32 end august. you have 10 weeks cutting work and i am interested. when would you like me to start and what are you paying pls? rog 07876 435400</p>

  14. roggo

    <p>Hi Dru, are you the same chap who I worked with in Darlington couple weeks back. Roger</p>


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