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  1. smokewood

    Wanted Cherry Logs

    I am looking for Cherry wood, delivered to the Peak District in Derbyshire. We would prefer full Artic loads if possible in which we can provide transport. Lengths approx 3 m and minimum diameter of 15 cm's Payment same day as delivery, please pm me with your details thanks
  2. smokewood

    Fruitwood Wanted

    We are looking for large amounts preferably full artic loads of apple & cherry, minimum thickness about 4 or 5 inches diameter and above 2 meters in length. please pm me with further details.
  3. smokewood

    New super fast log splitter. Must watch.

    Sorry my fault, the rams not hydraulic my error
  4. smokewood


    We do have private health care in the UK, but it is expensive, and their is still a possibility that you could not be covered for specific treatments (depending on the small print of your policy) therefore you could still be waiting for an appointment or treatment at a NHS hospital. Another downfall of private medical care is that as soon as you reach the limits of your policy the care stops. Full stop. So for example If you were a cancer patient undergoing long term treatment and for whatever reason you reached the limit of your policy you would then go to the back of the queue in the NHS system. There are also a lot of private healthcare patients treated at NHS hospitals because it generates revenue for the trust. From the patients point of view they are seen a lot quicker, operated on by a consultant as apposed to a junior grade, you get a private room but apart from that the remainder of your care is the same.
  5. smokewood


    A lot of interesting posts. I worked in the NHS for a very long time and have seen a lot of changes over the years, not all for the better. The NHS is held together by the good will of a lot of passionate and skilled individuals, who often go above and beyond the call of duty on a daily basis because they care for what they do. in my opinion their are far to many managers who have to "tick their boxes" and who are dictated to from politicians who do not have a clue about real health care issues, It should be left to the people who understand it. I have also worked as a Locum part time between my NHS commitments and then full time because circumstances demanded it at that particular time in my life. Yes you earn more money but, like previously mentioned their is no sick pay, holiday pay and you sometimes get cancelled the day before so their is no work. Depending on your speciality and availability I sometimes travelled for 2 hours to the hospital, completed my 10 - 12hour shift, drove home, and did that again all week. What has not been mentioned are the health tourists, the individuals who "arrive" in the UK and present at A&E with an illness, only to find out it is a long standing illness that requires major or long standing care. Another drain on resources is interpreters! for patients that do do not speak English the hospital has to hire an interpreter which costs approximately £200/day. the patient does not foot the bill, and you are not allowed to use a family member also. We tried to use existing staff where applicable, but it wasn't possible. The list is endless and I could go on and on about wasting money in the NHS. Unfortunately It is not a free service, and it has to be paid for in our taxes. Unfortunately they don't get it right all the time, however the majority of people will give you 110% to get it right, I know I always did.
  6. smokewood

    New super fast log splitter. Must watch.

    I have had 2 of the 7 tonne splitters, the first one lasted about 15 minutes before it jammed and wouldn't release the cherry log and the second one only cut 2 logs before it jammed. In the end the rep from Portex very kindly visited me to see if I was doing anything wrong, we tried splitting a piece of apple which was about 8 inches in diameter and it would not split the log, and jammed the splitter (again). He took the second machine away with the log still firmly attached to the splitter. He said they are fine if you are splitting something with a nice straight grain, however I was splitting Apple & Cherry & it could not handle it. Both logs that jammed were only small logs, but what made it difficult was that the hydraulic ram would not return to the start position therefore making the splitter useless. The warranty states that you shouldn't hit or release the log with a hammer to release the log or you could invalidate the warranty. I am sticking with my hydraulic splitter, it may be slower but it is reliable, and it is easier to release a log if one gets stuck.
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  9. smokewood

    Cherry & Pear Wanted

    I am base in the Peak District but can either collect it ourself or arrange haulage depending on quantity
  10. smokewood

    asking for a deposit - legalities?

    You should advertise the terms and condition of booking, which should be clearly displayed at the time of booking, I would also have a tick box that the customer has to tick to confirm they understand the terms & condition of booking, examples of cancellation fees could be as follows: Cancellation under 3 weeks no refund given. Cancellation within 3-5 weeks of course 50% refund given Cancellation within 6-8 weeks of course a full refund will be given. You could also contact Trading Standards to see what they have to say about it to be on the right side of the law.
  11. smokewood

    Cherry & Pear Wanted

    I am after large quantities of Cherry & Pear wood for food smoking, lorry loads preferable but any quantities considered. Please pm me for more information. Thanks in advance
  12. I am interested in taking some if not all off your hands. I am interested in mainly Apple & cherry, and would appreciate if you if you could get in touch. I have sent you a pm but I do not think you have logged on in a while.
  13. I am looking to sub let ( covered area preferably) to store about 10 pallets of logs near the Glossop or SK 14 area. Anything considered. If you can help me out please send me a pm thanks in advance.
  14. smokewood

    Cheap saw for homeowner/DIY

    After reading lots of reviews I went for an echo 420 It has a 16" blade and cuts anything you throw at it, and with a 5 year warranty and a lot cheaper than a Stihl, you can't go wrong.
  15. smokewood

    Ripple logs

    I know a couple of people who are looking for wood just like that, if you want the details just drop me a pm, I don't know what they pay for it though.


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