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  1. 95 Right to roam: small woodland owners: advice After placing a couple of signs on the boundary of my woodland stating “private woodland no access without permission” I have been informed by a neighbour that people have the “right to roam” over my property and that my signs could well be illegal! I have had tools, stolen from the woodland and have a feeling that someone is helping themselves to some of my firewood every now and again I use an electric wheelchair permanently and have spent much time and energy and money trying to keep the tracks through my woodland accessible. However, the amount of dog excrement left by dog walkers is preventing me from travelling across my land because I’m forever wheeling through this and having to ask people to clean my tyres. Also, while people are freely roaming over my property over the winter and wet periods generally, they are leaving deep footprints in the clay. When the clay hardens like rock it feels like trying to travel over cobbles, which sets off uncontrollable muscle spasm and increases the likelihood of pressure sores on my buttocks. It’s got to the point now where there are places on my own land where I can’t freely roam! This feels unfair and would like to know firstly whether it is true that people do have a right to roam and whether there is anything I could do to prevent this. Would I be allowed to erect a fence around my property?
  2. 90 90 88 Wood Turner with a large lathe capable of turning 8 oak discs from 600mm diameter X 100mm to 300mm X 100mm to make a pier (see enclosed photograph). I'm hoping to replicate Roker Pier in Sunderland because this has great sentimental attachment with my family who have spent much time fishing from this beautiful piece of architecture. I'm assuming that it would be difficult to find a machine to accommodate the whole piece and think it would be easier to be done in separate pieces (discs) although I'm not sure whether the beautiful curve will look as good is completed this way. I purchased the lamp for the top of the lighthouse over 10 years ago and have been searching for someone to carve or turn the lighthouse shape ever since. I'm nearing 60 and I haven't seen too well lately which has prompted me to get this job finished before I am! I don't know whether you have seen the documentary series "Sunderland till I die" on Netflix, well this has become a case of "Sunderland pier before I die"! Any help, advice or ideas very much appreciated. Harvey Cowe images (1).jfif
  3. Has anyone any idea where I might find a turner with a lathe big enough to accommodate and oak stump measuring 90 cm long and 60 cm diameter. I want to create a lighthouse shape. I was thinking about slicing the stump into discs first and then turning each disc separately but it would be difficult to get the soft curve I need (see photo). Any thoughts or ideas welcome. All the best, Harvey
  4. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gzmxokqida9k0nl/closeup.jpg?dl=0https://www.dropbox.com/s/gzmxokqida9k0nl/closeup.jpg?dl=0
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gzmxokqida9k0nl/closeup.jpg?dl=0
  6. Wow , this is sounding a lot more complicated than I thought I was hoping my 10-year-old son could do it! The woodland covers 10 acres I am not competent with topographic surveying I have no experience with GIS. I would imagine there are around 50 oak trees. I have to use an electric wheelchair because I was paralysed in a car accident. I'm not sure whether that makes it any easier! - Can you provide a map/google image? - Roughly how many trees do you plan to plot (if you know)? - How competent are you with topographic surveying? - Do you have much GIS experience?
  7. I want to plot all oaks in my woodland on a map along with the girth of each tree. It’s more to leave for future generations really although it would be interesting to be able to see where the trees are on a map to plan for lanting and thinning. Do any members know of softwhere that could help or is a compass and measuring wheel the best way forward.
  8. Has anyone any idea where I might find around 200 tree stakes near Horsham for Friday! I've been searching on the Internet for around one hour without success. Any help greatly appreciated.
  9. Can anyone suggest where I might find someone who could provide one to one climbing training around Surrey or Sussex. I own a small woodland, which I manage well, apart from being able climb. Any help appreciated.
  10. We have occasional work for climbers and would like to compile a list of such for when the need arises. If interested please reply or PM me. Cheers
  11. Cheers for the information. I was thinking of cutting most at 3" or 4" as this can be remilled to lots of useful sizes. Is it possible to keep some of the oak as 24" x 24" x 8'? Can it be seasoned outdoors like this.
  12. I've got 10 oak trees and 20 softwood trees to fell near Billinghurst and would like to have the trees milled. I would like to know what sizes of cut timber sell best and where I would sell the timber one it has been milled. Any help appreciated, Robert.
  13. I be interested if still looking. Does the owner want cash or some milled wood?


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