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  1. Pre charged air rifle for sale

    Have sent you a PM with contact number of someone who may be interested.
  2. The Lidl Florabest grass strimmer....

    Its the only Orange that counts
  3. what's it worth?

    Overgrown will make no difference to the price. likewise he saying the council will grant permission for this or that will make no difference to the price. Open to offers means he wants as much as he can possibly ring out of whoever. Its down to what you think its worth.
  4. Roundup pro active or a cheaper alternative Gallop amenity.
  5. Traditional coal tar creosote

    So long as they let us use what we have in stock thats ok.
  6. quite an eventful day, hope tomorrows not the same.

    As you say Steve not much the coppers can do and even less they want to do. Couple of weeks ago my mates tractor and one from a school went missing on the same night, these were about 10 miles apart, my mates was found very soon after going missing, hidden in bushes over by the OU. The number plate from the school tractor was found with my mates tractor, he wanted to leave his there to see if they would come back for it but coppers not interested. Sorry for your lose and as others have said you need layers of security, think of noise layers alarm mines, tin cans etc.
  7. Traditional coal tar creosote

    Creosote never stopped being sold it was only restricted to trade/farmers. We buy 205lt barrels and are in the process of making a heater tank to warm it up.
  8. area calculation

    800kg if its 20mm as just had ten bags.
  9. Tractor grass cutting rates

    £28/35 Per hour 90hp tractor, ex yard.
  10. TPO trees on government owned land

    Don't know about TPO but you do not need planning permission on crown land, yes permission is often sort but only as a lip service as the crown does not need the LA to approve building regs, this may also apply to TPO in that the local LA may apply a TPO but the crown may ignore this.
  11. Peach leaf Curl

    keep the container well agitated as the copper solution sinks very quickly.
  12. Best Husqvarna service near Carlisle??

    Phone them and ask how much work they have on and avoid the one that can do it now.
  13. Peach leaf Curl

    copper spray as already said, before bud burst in spring and again after leaf fall, you can pick the infected leaves now and burn them.
  14. Kubota GZD21 High lift.. Reviews?

    It will never look that clean again, nice machine, go look for some grass to cut.
  15. Need a price...

    Barbed wire is ok, however Razor wire is challenging and bloody sharp.


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