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  1. Hi all just back from UK after cutting 2 lorry loads. Approximately 300 top quality ash stems for hurley making. I'm in UK monthly now buying ash and paying top prices. Anyone cutting ash please contact me first. 00353860586697
  2. Hi all.I'm heading to uk on Monday to an estate to start cutting ash for the 2016 hurley season. I would like to thank all of you who have sourced me ash last year which resulted in alot of happy clients who got a great return in money for there ash.if anyone is planning on cutting ash this year please contact me first. Any questions please contact me on 00353860586697 Thank you
  3. another happy client selling me ash for hurley making today from his estate. any quieries please contact me I will be in uk for next few days. 00353860586697 best regards
  4. ideally enough to fill a lorry load. 130-180 pieces.
  5. hello i am looking for ash trees for hurley making in ireland. i am looking for the bottom 1.3m of the tree. diameter between 25-50cm measured at breast height. good clean straight trees needed. we will travel anywhere in the uk to cut them. i have my own insurance and all certs needed to cut.any thinning operations or clearfell with ash please dont hesitate to contact before you cut them.we are paying 200 per cubic meter.if there are any contractors out there or anyone involved in forestry please contact me. i would also like to thank the people who helped me source some ash last year. your help was greatly appreciated. any more help would be great.thanks very much
  6. rmc

    <p>Can you pm me henry.thanks</p>

  7. its 200 per cuic meter. if you read that article again you will see that man was stealing them and telling lies to a judge to get off. a butt will average 10 planks and then sold for 5 per plank so you do the maths. there is huge costs in cutting them and getting them delievered back to ireland
  8. Its 200 a cubic meter. If you read that article again you will find thats from a man who was stealing them and teling lies to a judge so he could get off. One butt will average 10 planks and sold then for 5 per plank so you do the maths.
  9. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJbajy5j2Qo]From Ash to Clash The Art of Hurley Making - YouTube[/ame]
  10. Hello I am looking for ash trees for hurling making. I need the bottom 1.3m and diameter 25 -50cm at breast height.good clean straight trees. I will travel anywhere in uk to cut them as we will be cutting into the roots. I am paying top prices. If someone knows anybody involved in the forestry or anyone who owns forestry or knows anyone who could help that would be great. Thanks


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