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  1. 1 minute ago, trigger_andy said:

    Are you for real? Your age is showing again old man


    2 minutes ago, trigger_andy said:

    Are you for real? Your age is showing again old man

    Explain that.

  2. 30 minutes ago, Hodge said:

    Please can you tell me where you get those diamond wheels David?

    Hi Hodge. If you Google " Abtec diamond wheels" you will get their website. You want the 150mm diamond wheel. It says on the order form that there are 3 grades of wheel, but they only seem to have the medium. They really are brilliant. The lady I contacted was called Michelle Rowe, email address    [email protected]

    This was from a few years ago so may be out of date. You will also need to order, for free, the insert for the wheel to fit your existing bench grinder. I bought the whole set up, wheel plus grinder. Nice people to deal with. Any questions give me a bell.

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  3. 11 minutes ago, David Cropper said:

    It's a diamond grinding wheel the fits on a bench grinder. I'll take some photos and send them in a minute.

    I use a spare tooth pocket to hold the tooth steady against the wheel. A couple of minutes grinding to get a decent cutting edge. Had it about 4 years, use it a lot. Maybe get 4 sharpens per tooth if they're not too hammered.

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  4. Other side of the coin for me at the moment. I stress, at the moment. We went to Portugal 12 days ago for a 6 day break. On my return I had 14 possible clients who had contacted me via answer phone, email, Facebook work page or by my website. 7 were emails received whilst away, I responded by saying as soon as I returned home I would be in touch. Managed to get 8 of them, I refused 1 as he was 195 kms from me and another 135 kms away, even though I stipulate my travelling distance of 110kms from home. I never get that many enquiries in the normal run of things. As an aside, this year so far my client base has been roughly 60% French and 40% British and assorted nationalities.

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  5. 1 minute ago, Commando said:

    Was it a Teckel hound, like a wire haired dachshund? Supposedly fantastic at tracking deer

    Teckel is what the French call daschunds, Craig. They are quite popular with German stalkers. Very determined buggers!

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  6. My first wife's father was a rear gunner on Lancs, Wellingtons and then was waiste gunner on Catilina flying boats with Coastal Command for a spell. Nice little chap, about 5 foot 3 inches, typical of the Tail end Charlie, needed to be small to get into the turret.  He told me he remembered being freezing cold and frightened as you didn't see a lot on night raids, next thing you knew was the exhaust flashes from the German night fighters were alongside. He said you pointed the 4 Browning machine guns in the general direction and prayed and sprayed. Very brave blokes indeed. One of his good friends who went to the same social club to play cards was a German crew member of a Panzer captured and sent to a camp in U.K.  where he married and settled down. I never heard any adverse comments when ever I went for a drink with them although there was lots of ex forces from the war.

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  7. My granddaughter and her partner in Holland paid 3000€ recently for a Cockapoodle, he has problems with allergies. Seems to be ok with the dog. My stepdaughter and husband in Dorchester got one 2 months ago, £ 2000 plus I believe. Ridiculous money for what they are. Nice dogs by all accounts but seems a fashionable fad. 

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  8. 1 minute ago, openspaceman said:

    His sighting is poor but nose is good, I thought they suffered kidney problems, one of the reasons they have white shit??


    They weren't hunting dogs but rather bred as fancy looking attack dogs. I am wary of pure dalmatians as they can go mental, our cross is as soft as anything and very tactile, loves just being stroked.

    They were originally bred as carriage dogs, Andrew. They would run alongside.

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  9. 25 minutes ago, roboted said:

    The time has come the walrus said.....


    Lost the old girl today.

    Fifteen years,five months.

    A great innings and she batted well.


    Ta-ra Bonnie.



    Sorry to hear that sad news. Decent age though with obviously a great life with you.

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  10. 24 minutes ago, Johnsond said:

    Richard Grosvener  Plunkett Ernle Earle Drax, Yeah 2nd battalion 2 company recce plt for most of my time. Welly barracks  to Otterburn in series 3 ffr petrols kitted as per pic is one of my scarred in Land Rover memories, the drive through London was always a laugh but it pissed  down the entire journey thereafter. In fact if I remember rightly it pissed down every day we were at Otterburn  as well. 


    Otterburn, the Gateway to Hell! I drove a 2 series long wheel base from Bovington to Otterburn with a horsebox, 13 and a half hours. 

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  11. 11 minutes ago, Johnsond said:

    As an ex squaddie whom started off on series 3 21/4 petrols then swapped to the first generation of army NA 90s and 110s,  then whom for  some reason bought an ex welsh water 110 hardtop once in civvy street I’m scarred for life with the Land Rover experience. 
    My dream truck would be a Ram with a 5.9 Cummins but in RHD, don’t think I could live with the LHD thing on a day to day basis.

    Coldstreamer? I assumed that as you previously mentioned your o/c was Richard Drax. Plus Wellington Barracks.


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