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  1. That looks class[emoji1303] we had a canter that was the exact same setup as that. The tool box was so handy
  2. We use the Stihl HLA65 hedge cutters and they are really good. Light and plenty of power plus Quick at charging. Never used the husqvarna so can’t compare but from using the stihl I would recommend them.
  3. We uprated the springs and shocks on our 2018 hilux. It made a difference but in the end we fitted airbags aswell. Had them for about a year with no problems and it drives a lot better when loaded.The company that supplied them was pedders suspension. If there’s no weight in the back we deflate the bags and the ride is soft again.
  4. Cool job! Where about is that ?
  5. We had a transit tipper, Nothing wrong with them. Also If you get a tipper hilux you’ll be cool cause u get some attention[emoji6][emoji23]Most tree surgeons at the tip sites we use always come over and chat about it lol!
  6. My boss bought it brand new in 2018. We’ve not had any problems with it so far touch wood. It’s covered around 12k miles
  7. Cheers mate. We love it mark! It’s comfortable pulls like a train and can take it off road. It is surprising what you can fit in the back aswell. We have the i for tipping trailer aswell if we ever run out of space tho [emoji1303]
  8. There is also a dual carriageway and footpath that runs along side the golf course and this tree. A few beech trees kept dropping limbs so they had a report done. This is at the other side of the tree
  9. Thanks Mick. A survey was done and they recommended to Reduce the crown height by around 4m to reduce wind and gravity loading, and to promote a lower functional crown. We can’t complain work for us
  10. Large beech tree reduction today on this golf course. Ideal job all the brash left in the woods
  11. The Petzl chicane was released this year and is CE marked.
  12. It actually drives better with them uprated. The steering doesn’t feel light and when going around corners it doesn’t feel like it’s going to roll over [emoji23]
  13. Yeh you defo need some springs and airbags on that mate! Ours was the exact same, maybe worse as the chip box is bigger on the back. Makes a huge difference getting them.
  14. jackrs1

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    This is hooch the English bull mastiff. Unfortunately she passed away a few years ago My parents missed having a dog so much they ended up with these two, beau and George the puppy


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