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  1. Never greased one yet. Grease collects all kinds of crap that will bugger the sprocket unless you re-grease and shove out the old every time you re-fuel.
  2. If you can't get oak, or ash, or beech, or pear, or plum, or maple, or hornbeam, or a host of other woods with a better BTU than alder, then you are right. Meanwhile I'd burn any of the above in preference.
  3. I purchased a pair of Pfanner Gladiator Ventilation Kevlar Extreme in the hope that they were going to be ok. Maybe in winter they will be fine, but if you want a cool pair of trousers these are not for me. The stretchy material that allows lots of manoeuvrability is horrible and sweaty. It is 15 degrees today, thank god the sun wasn't out as I imagine they would have been unbearable. As for light, they aren't. They are as heavy as my 80 quid crap black heat absorbing Stihl trousers. I have weighed them both. For the best part of 240 quid, these are not to be recommended. I don't even sweat easily as I am skinny and fit. I am so disappointed that after one day of ownership, even with vents open, I am looking for an alternative. Waste of money till winter.
  4. You obviously work in a cold world, trousers that dark, cannot be cool by definition. The heat absorption ability of clothing that dark, in the sun, would be horrible. Perhaps you are cold blooded? Anyway glad they work for you. Miss Wales all the same. Beautiful memories.
  5. weird that only one person mentions that black trousers are a bitch for heat, couldn't agree more. The colour has to make a massive difference in heat absorption; yet there appears to be no mention of colour when people are recommending cool trousers?
  6. Thanks for the site address, I looked up your selection and didn't see the weight of any of the trousers advertised. This would be crucial if ordering from the web.
  7. TreeBoys

    AV Gloves

    The article you refer to also says, which seems to me, more telling than the conclusions you point out that: "It is not usually possible to assess the vibration reduction provided in use by anti-vibration gloves" Says it all really, they can't even assess what they claim. Classic!


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