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  1. Stump squatter

    My project

    Not sure yet as there’s a hiab going on to it and haven’t done that yet as it won’t be on road for some time
  2. Stump squatter

    My project

    So bought my self a project go a Iveco daily ambulance 5.5 toner Air suspension took ambulance body off putting a tipper on it something different how many of you have thought about doing it Here it is so far
  3. Stump squatter

    Photo Competition - Win £100

    Chainsaw Layla my 10 day old chainsaw enthusiast daughter #stihl
  4. Stump squatter

    Another Which chipper tread....

    I just bought a 190 and I have a 150 there is no comparison I'll be buying a second 190 and get rid of the 150
  5. Stump squatter

    buying second hand woodchippers

    David Gould 07429440829 he may have something i bought a 150 off him he's worth a call
  6. Stump squatter

    Timberwolf 150 WANTED

    I got a machine off Keith last week he has a few 150s there they look mint he's great to deal with
  7. Stump squatter

    She's nearly done

    Iveco 5.5 it's getting there ive had her a while now it's just getting the time to do it This is my first iveco I'm running transits ATM but am changing to iveco nice tidy trucks drive lovely and cheep to run
  8. Stump squatter

    Training employees.. Fair and reasonable?

    The way I've worked it with my lads is any training I put them thro I only give them half there wage it works for me it works for them
  9. Stump squatter

    She's nearly done

    Been in the workshop getting the truck ready
  10. Stump squatter

    Transit hoist

    Ok so my transit hoist is stuffed the hoist part I've found a working one but the van is just a heap and it's in the midlands I wanna get it to my home house berkshire can I use a towing frame like one in the picture or wats the law on them I have trailer licence so that's no issue
  11. Stump squatter

    Picked up the tw 150

    Yea I thought they'd go over it but nothing when I bought the truck back in September they gave me a right going over coz log book was still in the guy who I bought it off but this time straight through I think it's mad and just shows how much kit can go over seas
  12. Stump squatter

    Picked up the tw 150

    So after getting a second chipper in October it's been parked in my parents garage in England I've finally got it back to Ireland wat made me laugh is I drove straight on to the ferry with out showing proof of ownership no wonder why kit is never recovered
  13. Stump squatter

    Iveco fly wheel

    Ok so needed a new clutch and fly wheel for the truck went online found this result
  14. Stump squatter

    The D.I.Y arb truck chip body thread

    Yea I've already cut the body by 3ft to fit the tool box on to it


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