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  1. I also use Clark Forest bio oil, never had any problems in 5 years running 6-8 different saws. Why do you think only the non Stihl saws are suffering?
  2. My first day back proper today, had a good run up to Christmas, 6 day week for six months after promising the missus a camper van for her birthday. Got three months of the same booked in as she has changed her mind after stumbling across houses for sale in France, you can pretty much buy a detached farmhouse for the price of a camper, I’ll keep going with my head down for now.
  3. Combine this with industry professionals expertly demonstrating how safe the current systems are when used correctly and the mind just boggles.
  4. Burn the bottoms of the posts before you put them in the ground, they will last much longer, especially in wet ground. They do it as a matter of course for the vine strainers in Italy.
  5. Sausage factory means they churn them out like a production line, shame really as they used to have some excellent Forest and Arb lecturers. They caused huge environmental damage to the River Adur a while back too, emptying massive amounts of slurry straight into the river. On a positive side, they are apparently very good at making sparkling white wines.
  6. Combined with a catalogue of injuries.
  7. This has nothing to do with training and says everything about the individuals, no training can completely remove someone’s fear of heights or prepare them for hard graft, they can do it or they can’t.
  8. So you had a bad experience with a trainer, it happens, is he involved along with all the other training providers with writing best practice/icop for the industry as you stated earlier?
  9. But the training providers haven’t brought this in, HSE have, there isn’t a training provider in the country who would have welcomed the change to a two rope system, they have just had to respond to it and with minimal time.
  10. Usual bull, All new training/assessments have to be done on two ropes, there is no choice in this, there are no retraining requirements for your existing tickets so no extra profits to be made by training providers, the only profit I can see is to kit suppliers.
  11. Total crap, who are you talking about here? I can count on one hand the people who are involved in writing best practice/training for LANTRA/NPTC.
  12. If this is the case then this is surely an ‘Industry’ created problem then, not a training problem. When I did my 5 day CS38 I certainly wasn’t the finished article, where any of you? I also wasn’t sent out as the rescue man on technical climbs with such little experience either, maybe I just got lucky and worked for a pro firm straight from college.


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