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  1. Second hand Husqvarna 346xp or new from some EU websites (France). Non auto tune, 13” narrow kerf bar, job done.
  2. Good condition CS100 on eBay earlier for under £1200, spare blades and belts, its gone now. Either a bargain or a blag?
  3. There was one on Arbtrader a couple of weeks ago, very low hours. Derbyshire way so no closer. You could have it palleted and driven though, they are excellent machines.
  4. I use ported saws at work all the time, I have done for a few years.
  5. So the scientists are now saying that up to 80% of the population needs to have the COVID vaccine in order to create herd immunity. At current inoculation rates that will take until the end of August this year, that’s pretty much as long as the entire lockdown process so far, with no actual confirmation that the lockdowns will cease afterwards. I have just looked at the ONS website for COVID deaths in my area. The whole of Hastings has had 2, yes that’s right, a whole 2 deaths since the inception of this claptrap, they may even have been ill previously. Adverts are already linking the vaccine to travel limitations. Have you seen the Ryanair Ads for the Benidorm brigade? “Just jab and go!” In the meantime, some not so breaking news about the pressure put on the NHS at this time of year, every year.
  6. Same people that got all the track and trace money and investors in vaccines I expect.
  7. The Eder 1800 is the best winch of this type that I have used also.
  8. Official figures released show that only 388 people under the age of 60 with no underlying health conditions have died of COVID 19 since the the start of this pandemic in the UK. And yet people are still following the ‘rules’ on this illogical nonsense and begging for more restrictions.
  9. When I lived in Hulme they shot the Ice cream man with a sawn off shotgun in the car park of the flats, he was from Moss side and dealing on someone else’s patch. Imagine what the interior of that van looked like.
  10. Do you want ‘smack’ or ‘sprinkles’ with your ‘99?
  11. There are many types of Eucalyptus suited cold temperatures, they are amazingly thirsty and will tolerate wet conditions.
  12. I looked at those myself Phil. I wouldn’t want to cut some accurate chestnut posts for triple rail with it though. Had a local engineering firm make this up for me, it works great and will last a lifetime.
  13. I think the main part of the problem is the complete lack of planning, combined with inept negotiations, important National decision making being negotiated within weeks of the deadline. What happened to the Boris’s ‘Oven Ready Deal?’ Great for Britain, that was, he said so. I think I will await the outcome of leaving the EU and make my decision on wether it turned out to be good or bad, based on economic evidence rather than bull cack opinions from either side of the argument.
  14. There is a Jansen on Arbtrader that would certainly do the job.


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