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  1. There is a very simple gadget on YouTube/eBay from Oz, but pricey for what it is though.
  2. I am looking for a chainsaw mortiser to make Sweet Chestnut post and rail fencing. They seem to have disappeared from most of the usual outlets, does anyone know of someone still supplying them or have one that is surplus to requirements? I am not looking for a chain mortiser, I am looking for the type with a frame to hold the post and the guide bar attachment on the saw to do the mortises. Thanks in advance.
  3. I discussed it with another cutter who confirmed that it was present in his woodland near Maidstone for the first time this year.
  4. It depends if your dealer is over 40.
  5. The National Yew collection is at Bedgebury Pinetum in Kent, I add new specimens to it every now and again. The drug they developed is called ‘Taxol’, for use in people with heart conditions, not sure if it is still widely used or has been superseded.
  6. Laburnum does have similar colour to the heartwood but the bark is smoother, it’s Robinia.
  7. Robinia pseudoacacia (Black Locust) fantastic firewood, durable in the ground and turns well with good heartwood colours.
  8. I know exactly what I am talking about, it seems there is only me that does in this conversation.
  9. I don’t know what you are talking about? I have worked in Forestry for 26 years, in that time I have observed most of the experienced older guys retiring or going into machine work. There are very few younger people coming through to replace them, that’s maybe why the OP has looked elsewhere for staff.
  10. It’s the big players in the Industry that control the timber market Stubby, as well you know. You can’t pay more than the timber is currently worth to cut and extract.
  11. So what’s your answer to the shortage of young Forestry hand cutters who want to train the Forestry units to get into Arb instead, I am all ears.
  12. I am not surprised that the OP has looked elsewhere to fill a role. The amount of experienced Foresters that have left the industry since harvesters took over a large volume of cutting work has not been replaced by the younger generation. There is a massive shortage of good young cutters in Forestry, everyone wants to go into Arb.
  13. This may happen in your trade, but I have not encountered any Polish Forestry workers here in the UK in the last 10 years, and I cover quite a large area of the South East. I know English lads who live on site in caravans and campers to keep living costs down and earn more to take home, people’s domestic arrangement are their business.
  14. I have yet to work with a Pole who didn’t have an extremely good work ethic, and the Polish Forests are some of the finest you will encounter. Just download the NPTC schedules for the relevant tickets and go through it with him, job done.
  15. Iron, steel and wood combination designs have been pretty much the the holy trinity since the 1850’s, can’t see why craftsmanship in different materials can’t be appreciated together.


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