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  1. I am looking for a solar power kit for my new workshop, I don’t require vast amounts of energy, just enough to run lighting in the Winter months to sharpen saws/maintenance etc after work, maybe a kettle/phone charger/radio etc but not compressor type equipment. Heating will be from a woodburner. Loads on the net but has anyone used one and have good experiences from any particular kit? Thanks in advance.
  2. The avantgardener

    removing hedge without killin tree

    Cut the privet back to ground level and paint neat glyphosate on the fresh stumps.
  3. The avantgardener

    550xpg mark ll

    I got my 550xpg mk2 last Friday from Haynes Agricultural in Framfield, East Sussex, although I had to wait a bit for heated handle version. Just checked the website and FR Jones are showing them in stock.
  4. The avantgardener

    MS362 or 562XP?

    The 362 is crap, not had any issues with my 562 but neither will pull a 24” bar well. The 462 is similar in weight but massively outdoes them both in performance and it will pull 24”.
  5. The avantgardener

    ID please

    Prunus nigra
  6. The avantgardener

    Who has sent me a MS361 and another saw?

    Port it and put it in the raffle, who knows, the owner may win it back!
  7. The avantgardener

    any millers (bandsaw) near Deal???

    James Pepperpot on here has a Lucas Mill and Alaskan, he isn’t too far away from Deal, you can ask him Steve.
  8. My wood is free and is renewable and local, so my Winter heating is free and I won’t be changing that whatever Michael Gove comes up with. I am pretty sure my Defender which I run all year puts more particulates into the atmosphere going to and from the woods than my woodburner which is running 6 months of the year does.
  9. The avantgardener

    how do you get stumps out?

    Air spade with a Tirfor anchored on a suitable point and axe/mattock, or else, mini digger.
  10. I think most people who buy a stove as a lifestyle thing are occasional users anyway, mine is my main heat source throughout the Winter.
  11. I am all for renewables, hydro, wind, solar, waves, but unfortunately I need to keep my family warm in the present, and at present I don’t have access to any of these options yet. I have done both attic and wall insulation, new windows, efficient burner, self supplied wood from renewable sources. I think I am doing the best I can and spend a tiny amount on gas each year, better than making Russian oligarchs richer? Oh, and I have planted the best part of 250,000 trees in the last 25 years.
  12. I think hitting wood burner users is just a method of trying to guarantee continued tax revenue from gas/oil. All my wood is self supplied from renewable coppice sources very close to home so very small carbon footprint but no money going to the government coffers. On the reverse of that, just along the coast from me at Sandwich is a giant bio mass burner, producing 800 tonnes of chip per day. It’s like an all consuming black hole, imagine Jordan and Kerry Katona combined, its is drawing in wood for bio mass from all over the country to supply its quota, even importing from the Baltic states on the cheap, hardly “green” but government backed.
  13. I know guys who are great Arborists and Foresters who are terrible at Business and have never really got ahead. Utilise your business skills and hire in professionals to help you develop, you can learn along side them and slowly take over the reigns. Good luck.
  14. The avantgardener

    Making the news today....

    I have friends in Birmingham that would quite happily peel your face off your skull for such remarks!
  15. The avantgardener

    Making the news today....

    I can’t think of a reason why a skills based points system cannot be put in place, I have also never met anyone who is apposed to one. It makes you wonder who the present system benefits the most? Maybe we should lobby our local MP’s and get the points system put into their manifestos. I think the Lib Dem’s would be back in business with the Tory vote swing if they had a points system in their plans.


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