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  1. I planted lots of different Ash from all over the world as an experiment at Bedgebury Pinetum 5 years ago, all look great so far but not holding my breath, it has already been confirmed in other host species of the Oleaceae family.
  2. The LANTRA and NPTC site specific risk assessment templates have a box for this too, very useful tool.
  3. Last year we had a long hot summer in the South East, It was the first hot summer that lasted any length of time in years, 2018 had hot spells here but it is normal in Summer, before that 76, as there been extensive annual droughts in other parts of the country that I am unaware of recently? The Ash I took down recently was mixed with a Beech crop, Beech tends to suffer more from drought conditions than Ash, the Beech is fine , the Ash is f**ked, it’s been declining on this site for years and certainly isn’t coming back.
  4. Are you out of the Forestry game, full stop?
  5. I will have some at my Mams. There was a guy round the corner from me had a Black and Yellow Kenny Roberts replica, made mine look mediocre.
  6. Mine was an Akai special, half fairing and bellybpan.
  7. Castrol R is what it smelled like in Lancashire for the whole summer if 83, combined with the sound of the RD350 LC. Loads of scooter boys using Aspen in their lambretta’s these days.
  8. I would estimate that at least fifty percent of the 500 plus Ash trees that we thinned in this compartment showed some form of internal decay at the base, even if the crown was showing only slight die back symptoms. Most of the trees had the buttresses left on as a hold when felling, the the hinge wood was weak or decayed. The tree survey completed the previous Autumn had highlighted large amounts of honey fungus present in the stand. We will be removing a similar amount in another stand this year.
  9. The total dieback of the crown is caused by Chalara, the weakened tree has then succumbed to another pathogen which has caused butt decay and/or death of the Cambium layer.
  10. I bought a Woodchuck one from Rob D, he had a deal on at the time, not cheap but really impressed with it, it is light, aviation aluminium, and mine has an attachment that you can roll large logs up off the ground with, makes cross cutting easier on the back.
  11. This is what we are coming across in East Sussex although it is pretty extensive all over the South East. B0D80D89-F08C-4FEA-935F-787E39092FAC.MP4
  12. I simply don’t think it is possible to train a novice anything other than the very basics of Forestry in five days, no matter how good the Instructor or candidate is, quite often on a five day course you won’t even cut more than one species, the site may be softwood so you have never even felled a hardwood. The FC do the CS30/31 over ten days but this is bankrolled by us, not many training providers would fill a course of this duration due to the costs involved. I would certainly prefer to get a novice in who is keen and with the basics and train them in house, when they have the consistency of the cuts and fluid movement, look comfortable and safe on the saw then they get their Assessment booked.
  13. Most of the younger guys that I have cut with over the last 10 years arrived green with a new CS31 under their belt and pretty much useless at production. If they showed up everyday and put the hours in they had time spent on them so that they improved, none of them required any more formal/paid for ground based training as it was all done on the job by the experienced cutters, when they where deemed ready, the Assessment was booked and they walk it.
  14. But that’s exactly the point. You pay for the usual 5 day course of training but off your own back add an extra 100 hours in your log book, being mentored by an experienced cutter before taking the Assessment, on piece rate they could at least cover some of their expenses and get a realistic idea if what they are worth, unlike the unrealistic, I have got a ‘ticket’ so therefore I want £150+ a day nonsense.


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