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  1. Someone should bid £100,000 for it and see how the scammer replies. 😉
  2. It’s a strange Oak really. It grows fantastically well in the U.K. climate, becoming monstrous in size. It has a large sapwood to heartwood ratio that makes it a poor choice as firewood compared with other Oaks, doesn’t resist rot outside like other Oaks. It is however a very pretty Oak when slabbed or quarter sawn, it quite often has great figure and makes good table tops, unfortunately it splits and warps like hell whilst drying. Definitely worth milling and drying some if you get access to some straight/clean stems, even if you only salvage some of it for further use.
  3. And for those who like spice from a different continent, the ‘Holy Grail’ of Mexican.
  4. It’s all in the ‘Holy Grail’ of India Cookbook.
  5. I have used most wedges available over the years. Only use steel ones for cleaving now, far too heavy to be lugging about. I have settled on a combination of K&H triple taper to start it moving, then finish it off over the pivot point with the hi lifts, I have these Bolle ones, they are the Rolls Royce and worth every penny.
  6. Great Oak tree but 40m+??? Think you need to check your measuring stick, that’s more than 10ft of growth per year.
  7. I moved around a lot and was in and out of the country from the mid nineties through to mid two thousand. The only thing I needed to do when I set up on my own was pay my NIC’s to make up the shortfall in my pension. No questions asked whatsoever. You could tell them you have been living on the streets begging, or you are a travelling bloody minstrel playing for your supper, how and who is going to prove otherwise?
  8. The Husqvarna SP33G is the narrow kerf equivalent to the Oregon one that fits your machine, I rate the Husqvarna chain better anyway.
  9. Yeah, these are a bit fancy and have good flavour. The estate I have been cutting on grow large amounts of these culinary delights and supply restaurants all over Europe. They had 80,000 seed potatoes delivered yesterday from Scotland.
  10. A starter image for your Potato site here Steve. 5 varieties of seed Potato to plant today, anyone want have a guess?
  11. You could google and contact Terry Banyard. He is a Dorset based Tree Surgeon/ Instructor/ Assessor of the highest calibre, he is definitely who I would be looking to learn the craft from if I was just staring out and from that area. If you don’t ask you don’t get, it’s worth a try, good luck.
  12. Just bring them onto the subject of the Miners Strike, problem solved.
  13. Move in with your kid for three months whilst filling your van with auto flowering super skunk on a passive hydroponic set up, jobs a gud un.😉


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