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  1. Thank you, that’s certainly an interesting looking lump.?
  2. About time someone posted some more pics on here! I’ll allow ye lazy buggers Christmas Day off, but come on, you must’ve chopped something up since the 17th!?
  3. Ah, thanks. Simple enough........ in theory.
  4. Hmmm, Cat 308 producing 131lt @ 285 bar. Some serious oil movement there!
  5. Tell me about these “intensifiers” please?
  6. Well I’ve had a look, and for instance, the JCB 67c delivers 90lt @ 190 bar. The Kubota 57 does 76lt @ 206 bar. I must be missing something because I can’t see why the JCB might be considered lacking.
  7. Hmm, well, possibly enough said. I appreciate the sensitivity of the issue given that JCB is a home grown product. However, when they ignore customer feedback, I quickly run out of patience myself. The paint issue is a prime example of what really winds me up: absolutely unfit for purpose! It’s not that they can’t do it, because there was nothing wrong with the paint on older models: how dare they insult their customers, it’s blatantly obvious that the paint is going to fail. You suggest they’ve made efforts to address this, and I hope you’re right. Mind you, poor paint work certainly isn’t confined to JCB; Cat and Bobcat aren’t too clever, and Thwaites are appalling. I suspect Kubota is one of the best, and that’s reflected in residual values. There’s no better advert for machinery than to see old examples still working and looking smart!
  8. Never thought pressures might be an issue; I’m quite curious. What are the available remedies? Is it just a matter of adjusting factory settings, or does it mean upgraded components?
  9. Quality can be confirmed once sawn, I certainly wouldn’t expect anyone to have to wait till it’s dried. However, I take your point that judgment could be somewhat subjective. If the client values “rot pockets” though, you could suggest he keeps those bits, and you just pay for the good bits.? live long and prosper?
  10. Why not agree on a price subject to quality? So, if it turns out to be firewood then that’s what you pay for. Conversely, If it turns out to be sound and well figured, then you pay the premium. I wood see that as fair, if I was the seller: no one gets ripped off.
  11. Do you have a camera on the end of that thing? Damn sure I’d need one!
  12. I’m sure Eddie would be recommending the Kubota KX57-4.


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