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  1. Bogoak

    Serious sweet chestnut

    That’s a pretty special tree!
  2. I’ve got a similar scar. I’m surprised Silky don’t do a wrist guard; perhaps there’s a market for some enterprising designer.
  3. Bogoak

    Pics of your milled products

    Carved a good few years ago now, from a wind-blown Oak.
  4. Bogoak

    Pics of your milled products

    That’s really quite striking.
  5. Bogoak

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Lots of toys and a BIG sand pit to play in: just the job.
  6. Bogoak

    Are these trees dying? :/

    Looks like Scarlet Oak.
  7. Bogoak

    My first mallet

    Hell, I’ve lost some time looking at that website; what a fantastic resource. Thanks for posting.
  8. Bogoak


    I believe William Cobbet MP thought he might make money out of Robina back in the 18th C. I don’t think it went to plan. There’s no denying they make useful timber mind.
  9. Bogoak


    I would say it might need plenty of attention to persuade it to form a single, straight stem, because that doesn’t seem to be its natural habit.
  10. Bogoak

    height for tree protection

    1.2m for roe: a standard size from tubes etc. Sometimes I use chicken wire.
  11. Bogoak

    Oak hedge?

    I think you’re being far too pessimistic there; Oak is not as slow as you might think. I’ve planted hundreds of them, but always as trees.
  12. Bogoak

    Oak hedge?

    That’s certainly different!
  13. Bogoak

    Oak hedge?

    But as Mark says, Oak also holds on to dead leaves. I’m surprised not to have ever seen one: Oak’s got to make for an interesting, wildlife friendly hedge
  14. Bogoak

    Oak hedge?

    I guess I’ll just have to give it a go then. Thanks.
  15. Has anyone ever seen an English Oak hedge? I can’t see why Oak shouldn’t make a decent hedge, similar to beech, but as I’ve never seen one, I guess it doesn’t work.


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