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  1. Quality can be confirmed once sawn, I certainly wouldn’t expect anyone to have to wait till it’s dried. However, I take your point that judgment could be somewhat subjective. If the client values “rot pockets” though, you could suggest he keeps those bits, and you just pay for the good bits.😉 live long and prosper🖖
  2. Why not agree on a price subject to quality? So, if it turns out to be firewood then that’s what you pay for. Conversely, If it turns out to be sound and well figured, then you pay the premium. I wood see that as fair, if I was the seller: no one gets ripped off.
  3. Do you have a camera on the end of that thing? Damn sure I’d need one!
  4. I’m sure Eddie would be recommending the Kubota KX57-4.
  5. I’ve just felled a young Poplar of about 14” diameter. The last couple of growth rings were about 1” wide: Quite impressive.
  6. Is the price right enough? https://www.blacktrac-compact-tractors.co.uk/Store/Product.asp?id=1546&item=Multi+One+8.4S+4WD+Compact+Telehandler+Forklift+with+Pallet+Tines+%26+4%3A1+Bucket
  7. Ah, the tallest species int world l believe.
  8. What species is it please?
  9. Thanks, I’ve had a look at the Giant website and they look to be a good machine. I’m liking the look of the Norcar, having compared the main players, but have not seen one in the flesh. They all seem to have there strengths and weaknesses.
  10. Really😮, not a single one of you have one! Am I going to have to be the guinea pig?🤣
  11. Anyone have any experience and views on the merits of any particular brand? Thanks
  12. That’s a pretty special tree!
  13. I’ve got a similar scar. I’m surprised Silky don’t do a wrist guard; perhaps there’s a market for some enterprising designer.


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