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  1. New Forum feedback

    Looks confused: the old layout was easy and intuitive. Why oh why must stuff be changed?
  2. Is this a hornbeam or an oak?

    Look happy enough: almost symbiotic:001_smile:.
  3. Bog Oak

    I was putting a farm drain in the other day and found a lump right bang in the way, so I cut it out with the chainsaw and after pressure washing, I ripped it lengthways into quarters ( free-hand ): it cut like butter! I've dropped it into a water tank, and will take it out later on in the year when the weather has cooled down. I was thinking it might be an idea to put it in a cool shed and cover it in wet peat to slow down the drying process. Like others have said, it's no good left in the round, and can easily be lost.
  4. Stenner 48

    I must say, I quite fancied that myself. Best of luck, but I'm sure you won't need it: a real quality piece of kit:thumbup1:. I look forward to a report when she's up and running.
  5. Stenner 48

    Was this the machine off eBay? Sorry, just being nosey:001_smile:.
  6. weed control membrane!?

    Is the right answer.
  7. Row of Hawthorn...

    Just chop the thing off at ground level and save yourself a lot of work. Hedge laying isn't necessary to produce a good hedge. Don't get me wrong, i love to see it, and appreciate the craftsmanship, but unless you particularly want to have a go...... . And as has been said, if you cut at 4ft, the hedge won't fill in at the base. Chop it at ground level and you get lots of fresh new growth where it's needed.
  8. Laurels dying,

    I'd definitely use small container grown plants: established woodland can be a harsh environment.
  9. Laurels dying,

    Were they bare root, or pot grown? You could try smaller ( pot grown ) plants. I've always found Laural to be reliable.
  10. Gutless Echo pole saw

    Sounds sense I guess, I'll have a poke about and see if I can improve things. Not sure if it's still under guarantee; I bought it mail order, so it would involve a bit of hassle no doubt, if I wanted to Send it off. Thanks
  11. Gutless Echo pole saw

    What's wrong with the thing? It doesn't like being pointed skywards, and revs die ( not good for a pole saw ); also generally lacking in power. It's a relatively new machine, and done very little work. Thanks
  12. Hawthorne dying

    The pic isn't very helpful, but they look like well established young plants, though odd plants have turned brown. I've asked the question re the position and possible water shortage, but in my experience, once established, Thornes don't die back like this.
  13. Hawthorne dying

    https://thefarmingforum.co.uk/index.php?threads/whats-killing-my-hedge.135896/ Any suggestions for this chap?
  14. Going rate for East Yorks

    Yes, I've just tried to PM you but you're in box is full:001_smile:


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