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  1. Metal Detection

    (33 years as a farrier)
  2. Echo brushcutter scissor blades

    Not unique. This Maruyama landscape blade has been around for a while. Not got one yet. But have tried one and they work well. http://www.maruyama.co.uk/products/multi-cutter-tools/landscape-blade/ Sent from my iPad using Arbtalk
  3. App crashing?

    Same here on the iPad, videos crash the app down. Sent from my iPad using Arbtalk
  4. Best sounding engines

    A 1960's Foden two stroke diesel truck engine. Sent from my iPad using Arbtalk
  5. Brushcutter mulching blade

    Old railway embankment cleared this week, Oregon mulching blade on a Kawasaki 48 cc, guard off. Sent from my iPad using Arbtalk
  6. Husqvarna 550XP

    Only had a brief play with it at the weekend but very impressed so far, I got the sprocket from Sawbits on eBay, item number. 271279344987 or direct from Sawbits.co.uk
  7. Husqvarna 550XP

    Yes very snappy 🙂 good fun to use. Studlands is a bit further down the coast from me ( Bridport ) Never been there yet !
  8. Husqvarna 550XP

    12" Oregon bar, 3/8 7 pin sprocket & Oregon 91VXL 3/8 LP chain. 👍
  9. 281XP coil needed

    Hi,That would be great, I'm not in any hurry for it, Send me a pm when your coming this way & we can meet up. Cheers Mark.
  10. 281XP coil needed

    Hi Mike, I am after a rear handle/fuel tank for a 181/281 if you have got one. Mark
  11. Good Bar length on a 560XP

    Beat me to it,
  12. Husqvarna 365 special

    Hi, Thanks for the replies, Stripped the saw today, bottom end, crank & mains are all good so i will just change the seals & leave the mains. I have ordered a Meteor cylinder & piston kit today, was tempted by the Hyway 52mm kit but have used Meteor pistons before and know they are good quality parts. Jim372xp & Eddt_t what size bars do your saws run with the kits on ? cheers Mark
  13. Husqvarna 365 special

    Hi, Cheers for the reply, The saw is a runner, but is an ebay special :thumb down: which i brought to rebuild, (only had 60psi compression but still ran ok ish ! Going to do a full rebuild, bearings & seals, a Hyway 372 big bore cylinder 52mm, with a meteor piston. Looking for the best top end to use & where to buy from. Are there any uk suppliers of the Meteor kits ? i have found one on ebay us for about £113.+ any import charges !
  14. Husqvarna 365 special

    Hi, I have got a 365 special which needs a new top end ( only got 60 psi compression ) I am going to use a 372 big bore (52mm) kit & wondered if anyone can recommend a good quality one to buy.


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