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  1. there is also the right to light issue, if the kitchen is too dark because of the tree, it is possible to legally have it reduced.
  2. tried to open this, went straight into a virus.
  3. "LOL, I've also just started a digital subscription to the Daily Mail. I've no intention of reading it but it's good to know that my money is going to a paper that hasn't become overcome with political correctness." i wouldn't read it either as it's become full of political bullshit.
  4. no doubt, sycamore is not good in a hedge, get rid and poison the stump.
  5. looks very much like rowan or maybe whitebeam.
  6. i once got a call from an old lady whose neighbour was complaining about a small hawthorn close to the neighbours fence. had a look, both gardens backed onto fields and woods in an area of national beauty, but the neighbours garden had nothing live in it, paved over with plastic flowers in a handful of pots. the neighbour came out and told me the tree spoilt the view, needs to be removed.
  7. did a job a few years back in Bangor, clear felling on 45deg sloping ground, was pissing down every day, our accomodation was student digs over the winter hols, so the heating was turned off. nothing quite like pulling on chainsaw pants early in the morning still dripping and icy cold!
  8. treesrus


    a tip for anyone doing decking - lay the planks flat side up. water, moss and mildew won't collect in the grooves (thus requiring periodic power cleaning), more contact with the soles of shoes (less slippery), and, once oiled, the beauty of the timber is plain to see.
  9. one of my regular customers, 3-4 visits per year, always has two packets of Foxes crunch creams waiting for me, mmmmmmm lovely.
  10. i always recommend a crown lift rather than a reduction. a tall slender tree is how a s.birch looks best, relatively light crown, less shadow with a higher crown and more chance for the finer branchwork to weep.
  11. "At least it's reassuring to know that there is nothing nasty going on in the world if scary hornets make the headlines." the main stream media is largely controlled by an elite few who have, more or less, the same agenda as our superior governors in parliament, i.e., power and control. the media is filtered to keep their positions safe and profitable. social media, such as facebook, etc, although the spin maybe biased, at least, lets us know that other events, good or bad are happening out there in the world, and it then gives us the opportunity to ask questions.
  12. they were giving the sun away for free in our local Spar - i told them we'd already stocked up on toilet paper, but thanks anyway.
  13. agree with; For ID: Collins tree guide For good knowledge: Mattheck and Broeler The body language of trees for what to do when, i have not found any book that covers that aspect of tree work, for me personal and other arborists own experience and assorted internet research.
  14. on second thoughts, my Collins tree guide says try Malus Sieboldii. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Malus_sieboldii_C.jpg
  15. wild service (sorbus torminalis) has many similarities to hawthorn, it's just bigger.


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