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  1. Treestumptom

    Show your tractors

    My 6 cylinder diesel Major pretty much there now ready for action, now on the hunt for a big old winch to go on the back.
  2. Treestumptom

    Storm Diana

    I felled a bendy only uce had me with sea legs when I got down [emoji23]
  3. Treestumptom

    Storm Diana

    Anyone else get out of the crown alive today [emoji23]
  4. Treestumptom


    Where are ya based then spud
  5. Treestumptom


    Who is spud [emoji1]
  6. Treestumptom


    Hi guys, I’m looking to find a good service workshop to get my 020t looked at. I’m in Stoke Newington. is there any workshops near me you’d recommend?
  7. Treestumptom


    On one of the main stems of the plane tree I have been inspecting, I came across this measuring about 8 inches. On such a significant part of the tree, what are the actions to take? Further up the crown it seemed to be heathy with a few long scraggly dead bits. At this stage is monitoring all that can be done? I must add I am new to Massaria inspections And appreciate new information on the disease Cheers!!
  8. Treestumptom

    the 'todays job' thread

    Massaria inspections/removal
  9. Treestumptom

    Arb insurance

    Thanks guys that’s really helpful and how about personal accident insurance?
  10. Treestumptom

    Arb insurance

    Hey guys I thought I’d just ask about professional insurance. I am thinking of getting some as a free lance climber, is there any good insurance company’s you’d recommend? Also any advice with it would be appreciated! Cheers
  11. Treestumptom

    Show your tractors

    You can’t go wrong with a major
  12. Treestumptom

    Over seas

    Hi guys, Can anyone fill me in on what the process is with working abroad in Forestry or Arb? Cheers T
  13. Treestumptom

    SpiderJack 3

    Thanks mate, looks like zigzag may be the way to go, yeah I came off the end of my short rope thinking it was the long one and yanked the figure of 8 thinking it was a twist in my rope! [emoji23] rookie 17yr error. 21 now I’m climbing every day, I can’t and won’t do digging that’s all I won’t do aha glad your well too cheers! [emoji1377]
  14. Treestumptom

    SpiderJack 3

    Hi mate, That was a really interesting read, thanks a lot I appreciate it, when is the new zigzag out?
  15. Treestumptom

    Need any logs split?

    Hi mate, I have just seen this sorry for not replying to your gracious reply 4 years ago I really appreciate it, I live in London with a full time job as a climber now and will be looking to move down to the south in a year or so, if that’s where you are I’ll give you a shout if your looking for people then


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