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  1. It’s a gorgeous fit, first climb with it tomorrow
  2. Hi chaps - I have had my Kong mouse helmet for 2 years and loved it, it’s a great fit for those with little heads. However, generally a well looked after helmet and through wear and tear I have discovered a crack and stress marks front and back. Is it time for a new helmet? Also - what do you folks think of the Pfanner Protos helmets, are they worth the investment? Cheers T
  3. Nice man would these fit a 361 with a 20” and an 020t with a 12” both locked together?
  4. Excellent idea who’d know
  5. Love that [emoji23] need a wheely bin for for that saw!
  6. Is there any rule against carrying chainsaws on London’s public transport? Can they throw you off even with an empty tank? T
  7. Thanks guys, yeah i always use a pulley saver as part of my setup
  8. Treestumptom


    Hi guys I’m looking to buy a new climbing rope, I currently climb on a zigzag with a Yale Hedera. I’d like to mix things up a little and go for something new, what is the best, most smooth running rope to pair nicely with a zigzag from another arborists experience. Tom
  9. I’m looking to fill in Wednesdays and Thursdays. • 5 years experience • CS30,31,38,39, stump grinder and first aid certs • Full climbing kit and saw. • North London based, (Stoke newington) willing to travel up to an hour on public transport. And currently half way through learning to drive so soon to be driving! Thank you 07496910821 tomcoleman15@yahoo.co.uk
  10. Need work to pay for it first haha Just got back from travelling


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