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  1. as per title anyone any experience with this machine? or any of the alko highline range? will be my 1st "professional mower" only ever used whats been available where I have worked. Didn't get on with the john deer we had at my last place, liked the honda hover mower before that but really want a self drive with wheels for the kind of stuff i'll be doing. I've also looked at a viking similar spec but costs a lot more, one of the 6 series but is it really £400 better? ta G
  2. The Dogs!

    You'll never go wrong with a jack russel based mongrel!!
  3. Potentially looking down this route for my 1st chipper, anyone have any advice on best size of chipper to go for? I was thinking either cs100 or one of the gravity fed timberwolfs? Is there anything bigger that would work on a combo trailer? Thanks in advance, G
  4. D-U-N-S number

    Anyone give any advice on DUNS number? applied online but not really sure if I have done it correctly? I need one to become a supplier for Natural England. I operate as a sole trader but under "GN Countryside" do I need to register this name? I'm registered for self assessment but just under my own name. Anyhelp, much appreciated!! Graham
  5. 18v drills

    I think mak batteries have a three year warranty, all batteries have a code states year they wete made and goes from that..... I think
  6. herbicide dye in knapsack?

    dye it is then, thanks chaps!
  7. herbicide dye in knapsack?

    Most of the pesti work I carry out is stump treatment and as such I always mix in some marker dye, but I've got some spraying coming up and can't for the life of me remember if I'm supposed to add a dye for spraying. So what s the verdict?
  8. Self Employed - First paycheck!!

    bloody shovel cluttering up my landy!!
  9. Just received payment for my 1st job since going self-employed!! 6 weeks scrub clearance on a Nature Reserve, pretty stoked now to reinvest in B+E training, trailer and start saving towards a chipper! Gonna take the opportunity to thank Big T as well who stepped in during the last week to help me get finished on time!! owe you one chief!! G
  10. Everyone loves a bit of tinkering on the day of rest, today i've been utilising the storage space in the back of the defender. Anyone else got any Sunday projects on the go? and in case anyones worried about my well being I do have a cargo barrier on order!
  11. Stihl fs450 melted!

    IT LIVES!!! After many attempts to knock the ding out of outer casing i finally folded and ordered a new one and new plastic casings.... Looks a bit odd half old, half new, need to go out and get it dirty now!!
  12. Chainsaw wellies

    Snap!! was working in what can only be described as a bog for 6 weeks jan-march scrub clearing, tucked in trousers, waterproofs over the top! also i found a couple in insoles per boot made them more bearable. looking into some gortex boots for next year though
  13. The Land Rover Appreciation Group.

    i had a good crawl und the chassis with a hammer seems sound, was thinking about that the other day, any recommendations for treating it? I live in cornwall so salt could be an issue!
  14. The Land Rover Appreciation Group.

    My new wheels 110 TD5, bit of an upgrade from the old v40 that used to lug around my kit!
  15. As per title I'm looking for some work as a sub contractor CS30/31, brushcutter, pesticide and tractor tickets. have my own gear + truck, based near Helston If you have anything and need a spare pair of hand I'm ready and waiting, either pm on here or call/txt 07841461234 Cheers, Graham


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