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  1. They recommend cleaning with warm water and a brush. Then use conditioner/proofed... Not sure I'll bother with that though given the extreme care advised above, especially as 99% of my use is next to lakes, so nice big clean puddles.
  2. If the Stein one you have is adjusted by slots in the headband, just cut extra slots to make it adjust more...
  3. Resize your avatar to the guided size... 9/10 times that's where the problem is.
  4. Are companies like Petzl like that though??? My assumption would be that Petzl would simply replace and look into the damaged one... and I assume that as the customer is happy with that, he doesn't feel the need to say anything? The idea of telling, or asking someone to keep their mouths shut, would have me singing from the highest mountain (or tree in this particular situation) so I don't think that would be in Petzl's interest.
  5. there you go... instant weak link for a tearaway.
  6. Hi Eddie... I live in west London, Twickenham, but don't know of any suppliers around the local area. Where is my nearest, as I'd like to try running it in my kit for a while to see (smell) the benefits... Cheers
  7. How do you mean "suspect" Jake??? As in wrongly used or accidentally bashed with something? To me it looked like a simple fracture of the ali through stress, but I'm a long way short of an expert that knows what he's looking for in a failure like that.
  8. ,just do what I posted two pages ago Matty
  9. Well, looks like the link that starts img is the one so all you need to do is copy the img link, and paste it into the thread. Hope that makes sense...
  10. Try this Marty Do the typing you want on the post... Then (in another window on the phone) open photobucket. Click on the pic you want to display. At the top of the enlarged pic there is a thingy that looks like a chain. Click this and the links will appear. Not sue at this stage what link the site accepts, so first I'll try the img link and second will be the direct link.
  11. The Euc I cut down a couple of weeks back is coming out in colours just like Gray Gits foot... very pretty. though I do think he could do with painting his nails to match.
  12. crackoff

    Tool hook

    What tool hooks do you use for hanging your chainsaw on? Thanks
  13. 30.04 from a 300 acre pit with only 30 or so carp in.
  14. Cheers mate. A bit special that one. Sent from my HTC One using Arbtalk mobile app
  15. Just about perfect Mr Silky. Sent from my HTC One using Arbtalk mobile app
  16. Certainly don't allow yourself to rush in order to try and fit everything in, that will just stress you more, and lead to you not concentrating at critical times, make mistakes, and may lead to an accident. Better to turn some work away, or just tell the customer that there will be a long lead time before you get to them. No probs giving them a set date so they know when, but give yourself the time you need to be able to cope. Sent from my HTC One using Arbtalk mobile thingamybob.
  17. Then call it a General Purpose Vehicle. A "Jeep" is a type of GP, not the meaning of GP.
  18. Near perfect... and Almost exactly... So you mean NOT perfect and NOT exactly??? Virtual as in "virtual reality"... which is nothing like reality... Literally when they mean virtually... Other than these few, my main annoyances are "Americanisms" But above all, when someone calls a Landrover a Jeep... in fact, anything with big wheels they think of as a Jeep... WHY??? That's like calling a tree a Daffodil.
  19. It's okay... I just looked at it again blown up to bigger proportions, and there's a third guy coming down on a rope between the first and second limb from the bottom on the left side, and he is in proportion to the one at the bottom. I take it he's coming back down because there's a giant at the top???
  20. There appears to be a guy at the top of the tree, and a guy at the bottom. Both wearing a red top... But the guy at the bottom only looks to be tall enough to reach up to the top guys waist height??? not sure that's right.
  21. A good rope, a harness, a good helmet, a prusik, 2 crabs and a Silky. Learn your knots and learn to footlock and that will get you into the tree with very little extra needed. I still do quite a lot with just this set up, but if I were to do it as a living rather than a hobby, then things start getting more advanced. I'm lucky, in that what I do in trees is very rarely anywhere near the general public, houses or footpaths etc... I usually have plenty of space, and quite a lot of trees nearby should I need to take the weight off my standing tree/limb. If you're used to freeclimbing, and most of us did it as kids, the added security of a rope is massively comforting, but don't get too cocky with it before you really start to understand the system and how it works, most of all, know the limitations of your kit, and yourself.
  22. As with most new legislations, the explanations are usually clear as mud. As I understand it... If your job is delivery, you need the CPC, if driving is just a part of your job (Not main part) then you don't. So, delivering logs as a living will require a CPC. But, if it's your groundie delivering logs, he wont...
  23. Re the pole climb... I'd have to stop half way up, take a break, roll a fag and have a tea before pushing slowly towards the top...
  24. definitely not unique... There's one right next to it look.


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