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  1. What sort of money Is cord wood delivered to Hertfordshire ? Not sure what minimum quantity is ? Thanks in advance steve
  2. I can imagine this has been down to death but I’m looking for around 1000 of the plastic bags with the handle in them where can I get them from this is without the wood just the empty bags can any one help regards steve
  3. Hi guys can anybody put me in the right direction for a supplier that does artic loads of pre palleted (50s) and at what cost regards steve
  4. It depends what length wood you have but we saw all our wood to 6 inch and does the job real well
  5. Please send me some details I could be interested

    <p>Hi Dave my number is 07921163162</p>

    <p>Cheers steve</p>



    <p>Hi my kindling is open plastic sacks approx 8kg - 9kg of wood per sack !</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>I normally only supply within Hertfordshire </p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Where are you based regards steve</p>


  8. Store around 100 ton of new offcuts collected from various places then bring in and cut to the length for the machine simples All off cuts thereafter that go into the wood burner that heats our workshop
  9. What is the rough price for a mixed load of cord per artic load Any ideas guys Cheers steve
  10. Drop Me a quote please If I can find time this week I'll pop up I'm in hinxworth Steve
  11. Any one local to Hertfordshire offer their service
  12. As a few of you may know I supply kindling locally to myself More and more keep asking about logs ! So my question is netted logs by the pallet costs How many pet pallet bulk buy options Dried ? Hard or soft wood or mixed Any other info would be greatly appreciated Kind regards steve
  13. I can do it in dumpy bags at £40 a go but again delivery would be to much
  14. I couldn't tell you I don't do nets I do plastic bags with around 7-8kg in them Rough calculation about 45-50 poss more poss a few less Steve
  15. Had a hard think about this and would say £45 a dumpy bag of sticks
  16. I haven't got a price as yet but where would delivery be to Steve
  17. Would anybody be interested in dumpy bags of kindling
  18. I have kindling available now for delivery in Hertfordshire 7-8kgs wood per sack Contact me for details
  19. I have all the covers yes who's is yours made by ? Iv never seen another by the same manufacturer And Iv looked very hard Steve
  20. The machine pictured works with knotty wood very well but Iv never seen another made by the same company
  21. You need to find either a old vintage machine that might be a little more dangerous but will get you going Clean new off cut wood is a good place to start also it's not wet


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