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  1. Thanks for the link 👍 One more question, could the damage to the piston be the thing that is causing the saw to stop after a few cuts or is it more likely another issue that is responsible for both problems?
  2. It’s a silver cover, 50cc, original as far as I know. it has the decompression valve too
  3. Just wondered which size piston I’d need (my 346 xp is 2002 model), there’s a few diameter variations of the meteor make from the Greek seller, thanks!
  4. Thanks for the info and replies, bit of a learning curve!
  5. I found the breather valve and flushed it with brake cleaner , it looked pretty clean it functioned okay when I sucked it. So on checking the exhaust gasket I looked into the piston area and saw it looked a bit scratched (see photo), is this indication of the problem or general wear and tear? It’s a 2002 saw. Do do I need to replace the piston?
  6. Apologies I missed the text description, thanks for the info! What a PITA place to put the vent!
  7. Where is that? I can’t tell the navigation from the pictures, thanks.
  8. I have tried to locate the tank breather valve, there’s no useful imagery or videos on the internet about finding it on a 346xp. If anyone can help that’d be great. Ive attached an image. Thanks, danny.
  9. I did use an aftermarket coil but I also kept the original as I thought that it most likely wasn’t this but I wanted to check it. Its been a few few years since I’ve had it serviced as it has very light seasonal use and I don’t know if it was pressure or vacuum tested. To be honest the service centre that’s closest to me don’t have my full confidence in their ability to avoid ripping people off, I had bad experiences with them previously so I probably need to find a new place for services.
  10. Thanks for the info, I’ll try this, I don’t have a compression tester unfortunately.
  11. Hi all, I’m at a loss with my chainsaw which has always been hassle free. The issue is that after cutting about four 8” or so slices it cuts out. On inspecting it I saw that a part of the ignition wiring (black wire) had been worn down due to being rubbed by the flywheel. I replaced the wiring, but no help. I researched and adjusted the low speed jet but this didn’t seem to help with the issue. So far I have changed the wiring as mentioned and also the fuel filter and spark plug, also removed the spark arrestor. Also replaced the ignition coil module as I thought perhaps it had been damaged by the worn wiring. None of this has had a positive result. The saw is fine when idling and also fine when revving for a while but after several substantial cuts it cuts out immediately after the last cut. There is also smoke coming out near the muffler area so something is not happy. Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. Danny.
  12. Hi all, I've had a load of iroko for two years in storage. I wanted to make bed with it but now don't have the time. I'm after some price advice if possible, there's 12 lengths, each one is 4000mm X 50mm X 150mm. This isnt a sales thread I'm just interested in a ball park figure. Cheers, Danny.
  13. Yes true, I read that a dedicated disc or belt sander maybe a better choice that a combination, the 12" disc sander by record seems to have really good specs, a guard, brake etc. I just thought perhaps it's best to get a simpler machine that does a better job? The bds 250 you showed does look nice though, now I'm confused! Atb, Danny.
  14. Thanks mate, I was thinking the record would be the best. Atb, Danny.


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