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  1. i would say your better getting a contractor in.we run a couple of excavator harvesters,we just had a recent one built it was 30k for a recon head,the fitting was 12k.i have just this week been taking a head off and putting it back to excavator,the pipework and fittings are unbeliveable amount. the other thing is a 14 ton could only have a smallish head due to lack of oil flow,and if your gunna be doing shelterbelts i would say the trees would be very hairy and big bows which a head wouldnt do.
  2. hi we have one that you could hire,were in mid wales,if your interested give us a call on 07711454943.
  3. it should be the yellow switch on the top row,if its in poisition it is in picture its in road mode and can only be steered by steering wheel.try switch right down and the ehc light by steering wheel should be lit. hopefully thats the problem. gareth
  4. i just remembered make sure the yellow switch with ehc on it is in the right poisition, switch pushed up/ no steering by mini lever only steering wheel (for road use) pushed in middle/ no working brake (load brake) at bottom/ load braking and mini lever steering. its the rotator function that does the steering.
  5. the seat sensor is under the bottom of seat a little fidley to reach! with the ignition on when you join the 2 wires together you should hear a click noise,and all functions should work once started. il try to find our workshop manual for 840!
  6. on the 840 if you remove the plastic panel under all the switches theres 2 black boxes, they light up red or green both should be green,and theres a row of lights which when mini lever is activated they should go green corrensponding to which function you operated.it may be that its the seat sensor as ours played up and only one mini lever worked,join 2 wires together going to sensor to rule that out. we sold our 840 with 21,000 hrs 8 90% tyres,but back diff all smashed up for £20,000 but was a trade in!
  7. hi i drove a black cab for many yrs got part exchanged last yr,you steer the forwarder by the crane mini lever left to right,i never used the steering wheel,the pedals if sat facing bunk are throttle,brake,and full speed to save using the speed dial never used it either myself! was a great little forwarder but we found it underpowerd.
  8. try dave at heartwood forestry,they have a few tractor forwarding outfits,and they are near to there ive used them a few times and been really happy with the job theve done. no. 07711454943.
  9. hi have you got a contact no. were only in newtown and looking for loads of fresh hardwood.
  10. Theres some guys working in staylittle on the side of road,using tractor winches and tractor and crane,maybe worth asking them.
  11. Try heartwood forestry based around newtown area,they sell seasoned softwood (dead standing) by lorry loads ready to burn now.also sell lorry loads of hardwood. there number is 07711454943.
  12. hi I think I know the patch your talking about just on a lay-bye,we done a lot of work for the wildlife lot around the corner.i think its ideal location for what you have planned,but too be honest the trees would never come close to recovering what you paid for it even if there fine.The owner 2 yrs back asked us what the trees were worth as tillhill offered £2,500 for the lot!it was worth a little more in our opinion,and timber price has gone up scince! if it gets deceased its worth close to nothing as theres so many limitations with it. myselef I would see if your ideas for the land would be pretty sure to succeed, I hope this helps I will ask my dad to see if he remembers any more about the wood. gareth.


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