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  1. Thats why I said „prob” meaning probably, but even so considering the info we have, I can t think off any other than PS3 or PM3. Maybe you will tell what your are thinking.
  2. Have you ever changed the fuel filter? If if not do it now, if you already did it try what spudu said.
  3. If there are 55 drive links, than prob a 40cm/ 16 inch 3/8 PM or PS chain, used on smaller Stihls as 021-023-025 MS210-230-250 or MS211-231-251 or MS241 or MS 200T-210T and others.
  4. GCC

    Saw tuning

    You re right if you do service the machine. But let s say that you take in a machine for service, work on it and find out that it has a major part damaged. Inform the costumer and he decides that too expensive to do the repair. Is something wrong to charge for the work you have done? Maybe you have to dig down to find the problem, and maybe the costumer asks you to to put it back, so you spend an hour maybe more doing that plus the cleaning after. I usually charge something, even if is not the regular fee per hour. Except for regular costumers, friends or relatives, and since I live in a small village some of that applies to the majority of people:laugh1:
  5. Yeap, I ve seen some too, but I am still wondering how can this be possible. This one was brought in with muffler problems, so it had the chance to be cleaned, or who knows how long would of be running like that Nice thread , lots of thinks to learn from you guys. Keep on Thanks.
  6. Not on my bench anymore, but was these days, a Stihl 066 with a ”nice” air filter.
  7. Has anyone tried the carbide chains? I wonder how do they really work.
  8. GCC


    I agree, I am not a long bar fan too. Beside that I do not like much the 1,1mm chain. Seems so fragile. But most of the people, especially those who are not familiar with these tools, love to have it big:blushing:.
  9. GCC


    The PMMC3 chain with 1,1 mm gauge is much thiner than the 1,3 mm chain, and so is the cut, much narrower. The chainsaw needs less power to operate it, so maybe it is good such a 16” bar on MS 170. And if you have the long bar maybe you not use its all length all the time, but in some situations may be useful. Just my opinion.
  10. GCC


    Right now MS 170 is sold with 16 inch 1,1mm bar and PMMC3 chain, here in Romania.
  11. Sawdust stoves are great. I use one to heat my green house in the spring when I produce the seedlings for my garden. They give good heat for a long period and burn sawdust and chips and I even use to mix some wood pieces to keep for a longer time when needed. I had a borrowed smaller stove but i intend to make one from a 200 L barrow. I use any kind of sawdust but the hardwood is better.
  12. GCC

    Looking for work

    Hi, My name is Cristian and I am looking for work anywhere in UK or Ireland. I have very good experience working with, and also maintening and repairing, chainsaws. I have a qualification in forestry, but I do not have any UK CS certificates, but willing to take them. I could do any grounds job or, if anyone interested, maintenance and repairs. I am honest and reliable and hard worker. If needed I could work as a self employed. If you are interested, please contact me. Mail cristiangaldau@yahoo.com Thanks!


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