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  1. Sorry this afternoon got busy. Looks like tomorrow will be a no go. Can we say the weekend to be on the safe side? - your in box is full by the way
  2. Excellent. Have pm you
  3. Top man. That's pretty much the size I'm after. Would talk further about this if you're serious.
  4. To buy, rich, do you know for one?
  5. I'm after a log splitter that will mount behind a tractor. Ideally hydrolic powered. Based in South Wales area so local to here or bristol area please.
  6. Sorry to interrupt. I'm after a tractor mounted hydrolic splitter. Based in South Wales area. Any one know of something going? Thanks
  7. Harps

    Bat survey work

    Where are you based zebedee? Do you have any contacts still in this line of work? Sorry to be a pain!!
  8. Harps

    Bat survey work

    Woody Paul, that's invaluable knowledge, usually costs a couple hundred pounds for a course! I'll hopefully get lucky and have a similar day like that
  9. Harps

    Bat survey work

    Arbdog, that's the experience I'm looking for! Just need to hunt down the right people, seems like a secret handshake kind of world at the moment!!!
  10. Harps

    Bat survey work

    Thanks all for the advice. I'll keep plugging away at it.
  11. Harps

    Bat survey work

    Was mostly natural habitat but I'm open to gaining experience through any method. I've found bat groups aren't very helpful in my local area about helping building up hours and experience. So was hoping to get some new leads.
  12. Im trying to gain experience in bat inspections, and also bat inspections carried out as a climber. Im based in South Wales, I am qualified cs38 and cs39. Can anyone suggest any one to contact? Any bat guys looking for an extra pair of hands? All advice greatly received. Thanks
  13. Harps


    Timbernut, thanks!!! All sorted. I couldn't inbox you I think it's full. Anyway top man!'
  14. Harps


    Check inbox now timbernut, think it's working ok.


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